Do you want to know which gadgets for the most spectacular travelers of 2019? You can’t go on a trip again without taking any of these gadgets. Today we are going to stop at the best gadgets for travelers that we can buy in 2019. They are spectacular and somewhat more expensive.

1.-DeFe 2000L Water Filter

A filter and essential water to venture into the bush. This water filter is capable of filtering up to 2000 liters of contaminated water. Removes 99.9999% of bacteria from water and 99.9% of protozoan parasites. It is a filter in 3 stages: Ultra membrane filter activated carbon filter and 0.01-micron UF membrane filter. It is small, lightweight and can be hung on either side.

2.-Master lock 4400 EURD – Bluetooth lock

If the previous suitcase seems expensive, you can always buy a cheaper one and then get this Bluetooth padlock that will allow you to control your lock through an app. You will never lose the lock code again.

3.-RAVPower Solar Panel Charger 16W

Are you worried about running out of battery on your mobile and want to carry a portable external battery that is always charged thanks to sunlight? This is your model. Perfect for taking the field or hiking. Remember to look at the weather forecast so there are no very dark clouds.

4.-Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The perfect bracelet to control what you are on your trip. Do you want to know how many steps you took during the day or how many kilometers? This model is one of the cheapest and really works very well. You can even control your sleep or pulse. It has a very practical vibratory alarm mode to wake you up without much fright. With travel apps compatible with iOS and Android. It connects via Bluetooth to your mobile.

5.-Allocacoc PowerCube ReWirable USB

How can you see the design is really spectacular and very functional: a travel adapter and power strip with 4 outputs and 2 USB ports, so we can forget most of our chargers, something that always bothers us on a trip. In addition, thanks to its ingenious design, we will be able to use all the connections without interposing with others, something that usually happens with the usual elongated strips. With 4 adapters for different types of plug and 1 meter cable (universal adapter for 5 continents).

6.-GoPro HERO7 Black, Silver and White Cameras

These adventure cameras have been presented in September 2018 and their prices range from 429 euros for HERO7 Black to 329 euros for HERO7 Silver, to 219 euros for HERO7 White. Perfect for travelers who want to record the best magnets on video.

7.-Portable speaker UE Roll 2

Its design is so flat, it fits anywhere, the battery life is tremendous for a pileup of these dimensions, it is IPX7, which means that you can throw yourself into the pool with it, and its sound is omnidirectional, meaning, you can run around and listen to music in any direction. It is very resistant and will withstand everything, something essential to carry it always on top.