Digital marketing is one of the fundamentally important methods of marketing for e-commerce companies. It’s not only the most effective, but it also offers the best ROI across all other markets. If you want to drive sales to your e-commerce store, you need to have a way to get traffic there. Digital marketing brings people in who are already online, already interested in buying, and already familiar with your company to your site.

Digital marketing, though, isn’t a single process or step. Numerous styles of digital marketing exist, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. If you’re working with an Amazon agency, chances are good you’ll have some help navigating those options. Here’s a look at some of the most effective methods virtually all e-commerce businesses should be using.

#1: Organic Digital Marketing

Organic is just what it sounds like – the natural way of getting websites to rank your e-commerce store properly so that those searching for what you offer can find it. With a website optimized for organic marketing, using search engine optimization, the search engines naturally put your e-commerce store in front of the person looking for what you have to offer. Consider organic the foundation of your efforts.

#2: Paid Search

Paid search is a common form of effective digital marketing. It helps direct traffic to your website from paid ads on search engines. You may hear it called pay-per-click marketing. A very common network for use with paid search is Google Ads, though there are others. This type of digital marketing channel is best for those who want to get search engine traffic to their e-commerce website (which really should be most sites).

#3: Social Media Marketing

Social media is the type of marketing most people recognize as an excellent tool for delivering marketing success online, but pulling it off is often challenging. That’s because there’s a lot of competition and so many individual channels or networks to use. For most e-commerce businesses, a few of these channels stand out the most:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

The key to doing well here is to build a marketing campaign to use the sites where your customers are. For example, if you have a young audience, Snapchat and Instagram are ideal choices. For those who have an audience of families and older buyers, Facebook works very well.

Social media marketing can come in two forms – paid and organic. You’ll want to use a variety of marketing styles to connect with consumers on these networks. Keep in mind that social media is not the place for flashy ads or sales pitches. Rather, it’s about building relationships and brand awareness. Doing this creates not just one visit to your e-commerce site, but frequent visits if you’ve targeted your customers in the right manner.

#4: Email Marketing

You have an e-commerce store set up. That means you may have customers finding and buying from you right now. Email marketing allows you to get people back to your site again. There are various ways you can do this. First, start by using the right software or Amazon’s system to help you to connect with your customers through follow-up emails. It is a simple and straightforward way of getting your customer to come back to your site.

You can also create emails for other things. If they’ve placed an order, send them a confirmation email with a secondary offer. If they left something in their cart, now is a good time to email them with a reminder of what they were going to buy. Growing your email list is the critical tool here and your Amazon agency can help to make that possible.

#5: Content Marketing

Content marketing is another digital marketing channel worth pursuing for most e-commerce businesses. Content can include everything from blog posts to videos. You can also create downloadable content, such as user guides or reports your audience would benefit from reading. Sometimes this is an excellent way to build your email marketing list. Other times, it can help convince buyers to purchase from you over the competition.

Content marketing traffic often comes from people who are already interested, making them ready to buy. Used on social media or in other formats, it can drive ready-to-buy customers to your e-commerce store. In addition, the content can be picked up by search engines, helping to boost search engine optimization marketing as well.

The key to doing well with content marketing is ensuring it is the highest quality possible. Create content your audience wants and needs.

#6: Referrals

Referral digital marketing tactics work much like word-of-mouth advertising does, just in an online form. It includes any other website where you’re running display ads or the blog posts you wrote about your product that’s on another website. This type of marketing helps to create new traffic streams you probably would not have gotten any other way.

#7: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates are people who can help you to build your traffic. These are individuals – such as blog owners – who talk about and even promote your product on their website. The consumer ends up clicking on the link there and heading to your e-commerce store to make a purchase. For their help in getting you these sales, the affiliate marketer earns a bit of money for the sale or the traffic.

There are various ways to build affiliate marketing strategies. You can launch your program at Rakuten Linkshare or, for example. You can also use coupon sites, like to build up these types of shares.

#8: Direct Traffic

The hardest to get, but likely to buy are direct visitors to your e-commerce site. These are individuals who type in your web address and come right to you. Direct traffic is the most difficult to get as it often comes from significant brand awareness or offline promotions. Still, a person who types in your company’s website to buy is likely to make that purchase.

Any of these digital marketing strategies can be important but navigating it all is challenging. That’s why working with an Amazon agency, like Nuanced Media, may offer some additional help and support to you.