There has been a great development in cloud computing in recent times. It is quite evident that with this advancement many of the operations done by an organization are done over the internet. This is leading to the efficient management of the resources and operations getting performed faster. The organization will observe a faster growth due to this benefits offered by cloud computing applications.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the first who has provided the cloud computing services in 2005. This has greatly helped many of the organizations to launch cloud-based applications to make their process efficient. One of such great examples is AppOptics + CloudWatch | AppOptics. It has led to improved productivity and customer relations of these organizations. Few of the services are available for handling the AWS storage needs which include Amazon EBS and Amazon S3. If you need help in this area use the AWS consulting services.

5 Best Tools for AWS Deployment

We have discussed here five best tools available in the market for AWS Deployment. Each of these tools is finding their own unique applications over a particular part.

1. Chef:

It is basically a kind of the configuration platform which is mainly designed for the purpose of automating the deployment. This tool is capable of deploying the application over any of the environment which depicts the flexibility it provides to its users. Even this will allow unifying and automating the infrastructure of the cloud. One will thereby be benefited by means of getting the automated blueprint which is useful for the sole purpose of deployment.

2. Ansible:

An automation engine which is having a purpose of cloud provisioning, configuration management, and also deployment of the cloud application. This tool provides the capability of integrating with the AWS services for the sole purpose of defining, deploying and also managing a wide variety of the services provided by AWS. It is coming in both the paid and free version. The consumer can select the one which best matches their own requirements.

3. AWS Elastic Beanstalk:

A service offered by AWS with a sole purpose of deploying and managing the applications over AWS cloud. It will even reduce the worry of the consumer regarding the infrastructure which is running these applications. Service is capable of catering deployment of the applications at a rapid rate. Numbers of languages are preferred for deployment which includes PHP, .NET, Ruby, Java, Node.js, and even Python.

4. AWS CodeDeploy:

This service will help the user to automate the deployment of the applications over Amazon EC2 instances. It is also capable of providing deployment of the software’s over AWS Lambda and also over the on-premise instances. The tool which we are using is free of cost which is capable of completely automating the operation of deployment. One will be benefited by this with no downtime loss and one can have uninterrupted services.

5. AWS OpsWorks:

A kind of configuration management tool which is capable of automating many of the tasks. Normally these tasks are proving to be time-consuming for the employees of the organization. Even one will be observing a reduced amount of errors while deploying the service with this tool. Based on the load and time there is an option available for scaling of the applications which are included in OpsWorks. It is capable of running over the platform like Linux and Ubuntu operating systems and doesn’t support the Windows platform.


Thus, we can say that there are a few of the top tools available which we can use for AWS Deployment. These tools will help us to have an uninterrupted deployment with minimum errors. It will help us to focus more on productivity rather than on unproductive tasks. The organization will, therefore, observe a good management of their resources due to the effective deployment of the services over the cloud-based platform of AWS.