If you’ve been in need of book-related apps which will enhance your experience in reading you’re just at the right place. These book apps will revitalize your love for reading. Perfect for the book nerd inside you. Were you one of those kids who’ve had a reputation for always being in the library and reading every book that seemed to spark your interest? Always stayed up past your bedtime just to read one more chapter. From Rowling to Rowell, you’ve read it all. You have memorized every page of your favorite book word by word. You hysterically cried and spilled your coffee everytime the author killed your favorite character. You don’t have any more space left on your bookshelf because of your dazzling collection of books. If this sounds like you, technology has been working for your academic needs.

Here are 5 best ebook reader apps for Android that will make reading a bit more fun and easier for all you book nerds out there!

 1. Wattpad

This app has been named a Top 5 Book app for three years straight. You can not only find free stories and books by well-known authors such as Dan Brown, Paulo Coelho and Felicia Day; you can also read books by undiscovered new and unique writers. But that’s not all. Join the community and talk to other readers, discuss plot twists by leaving comments, and also create your library. It is a very opportunistic platform for new writers who want to get their work out in the open. Feel like writing the next bestseller? Write it on Wattpad!

2. Goodreads

This traditional reading hub went mobile in late 2013 allowing readers all over the world to connect with each other on the go. It allows you to search any book in their catalog of millions of book. Review any book sees reviews by your friends and comment on them as well. It keeps track of your reading process which motivates you to read. It lets you preview any book that grabs your attention, and if you like a book, there’s a link that allows you to buy it. It is a highly recommended app to all the avid readers out there.

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 3. Amino books

This is probably the best social networking app that connects users. Create a profile for your favorite book of all time. You can start discussions and ask questions about the books you have read recently. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? You’d be more excited to know that you can get feedback and opinion on your very own work. A place where like-minded readers can meet and be friends is certainly the nicest place to be.

4. Audible

If you want to read books more often anytime and anywhere you want, have you ever considered listening to audiobooks? You just might fall in love with it. This app makes it much easier to spend more time finishing great books. You can listen to it while in the gym, eating, heck even in the Bathroom! It’s relatively affordable, and your first two audiobooks will be free. Listen to best authors narrate their books. There are over 700,000 audiobooks available on audible most of which are bestsellers and classics. Audible is worth a try. Download this app, and you will never look back

 5. Moon+Reader

Though I would always be a fan of hardcovers, there are distinct benefits of ebooks. They’re portable, quicker to obtain, take up less space plus there’s no need to cut trees. Moon+Reader is an innovative ebook reader. I have tried lots of ebook readers and hands down; this is the best one. It has highly rich features. You can customize everything. It has full visual options, and it keeps track of how much and how long you have been reading. It also supports pdf, epub, text, HTML and lots more.


As a book lover, it might be difficult to keep up with all the latest releases and but these apps will certainly make it a lot easier. If you love showing your love for books just as much as I do, in different ways- reviewing books, showing off your book collection, fangirling with other readers, keeping track of what you’ve read and keeping a long ”to read list”, you most definitely need these apps. Which book related apps are your favorite? Don’t forget to leave a comment.