Watchmaking and watch repairing is an exciting profession. Although it may also be overwhelming due to the wide selection of watch tools on the global market. If you are new in this trade, then there is a big chance to experience confusion and be carried away.

Watch Repair Kit tools

This article can be your guide to select the utmost essential watch repair instruments that any serious watch hobbyist and watchmakers should have. You better have these tools as a bare minimum to get you started, besides adding them to your watch repair kit.

Watch Case Opener

An 84mm Victorinox watches case opener Alox Swiss army knife.

swiss knife

Logically speaking, you need to remove the front or back of the watch to see the internal components. This is to identify the underlying cause or problem – the reason why the primary tool you should have first for your watch kit is a case opener. It is commonly manufactured with a short and blunt blade. However, some are created with a sharp edge on one end and a case knife on the other.

Watchmakers Screwdriver Set

A Horotec watchmaker screwdriver set with six spare blades.

Watchmakers Screwdriver Set

Once you successfully removed the watch back, you will be required to pull it out it from its case. This is by removing the stem and also the case retaining screws. That is why you will need watchmakers screwdrivers, a second recommendation for you to add to your watch repair kit.

It will help if you purchase an excellent quality of watchmakers screwdrivers because it will be the best investment you can do. They can last in a long time if they are well taken care of. Do not spend on a broad range of screwdrivers since there will be only four standard screwdriver sizes that will be needed for most watches, namely:

  • Grey – 140
  • Red – 120
  • Black – 100
  • Yellow – 80


5x and 10x repair eye magnifier jeweler loupe.

This is also a necessity to make sure you can see what you are doing. Even if there are lots of sizes and shapes, the most used types are:

  • general eyeglass (3x-4x magnification)
  • inspection eyeglass (10x-12x magnification)

Parts Container

The part containers are useful in separating the different parts of the watch as you disassemble and reassemble the components. Nevertheless, it is essential to cover them to prevent any dust landing on the watch parts after they have been detached and cleaned. 

Watchmakers Tweezers

Horotec’s Swiss-made watchmaker’s tweezers set.

If you have undone a screw through the use of a screwdriver, then you need a pair of tweezers to take up the screw, move, and replace the watch parts. The watchmaker’s tweezers are different from cosmetic tweezers. This is because they have clear-cut ends that make them close perfectly together, aside from being easy to operate.

Even though there are many varieties of types and shapes to select from, most watchmakers will agree that the following is needed as possible:

  • Brass AM – for nonmarking of watch parts
  • #2 – durable with fine and flat tips
  • #3 – fine tips
  • #5 – short  and extra-fine for hairsprings

Watch Hand Lifting Levers

Bergeon watches hand tools.

The Presto automatic hand lifting tool and hand lifting levers are two types of tools that can be used to remove the watch’s hands.

  • Presto automatic hand lifting tool – works well, but one needs to be careful of the small plastic feet that can mark the dials when not used properly.
  • hand lifting levers – available in various sizes to match for the extensive range of watch’s hands.

Movement Holder

Swiss-made movement holder reversible 3 ¾ to 11 ligne.

It is not recommended to touch and remove the movement with bare fingers. This is the reason why a movement holder is needed – to secure the movement in removal from its case.

Rubber Dust Blower

Metal-mouth air rubber-blower pump dust cleaner.

Dust and dirt are the watch’s worst enemy. Never blow on a watch mouth because your mouth contains moisture that can cause more watch issues. Therefore, you must have a rubber dust blower on your watch repair tool. This tool is cheap but great to use for quickly removing dirt and dust to your watch, besides drying the components after cleaning. 

Peg Wood

A bundle of 3mm peg wood cleaning sticks.

A peg wood is from a hardwood that is durable compared to toothpicks and wooden kebab sticks. You can use this for several watch repair tasks, though there are two primary uses:

  • for cleaning watch parts and jewel holes before cleaning the watch with chemicals and
  • for pinning down such parts and springs during disassembly and reassembly

Watch Oils and Greases

Moebius 8300 grease for watchmakers.

You will need to add grease and oil to all watch areas that have friction as you reassemble the watch. All of the oils and greases must be kept in oil pots with lids to prevent contamination. Also, you can either purchase a single container for each oil or grease or a stand that has 3-4 pots together.


And that’s our ten most essential watch tools that can be added to your kit. If you are looking for a reliable seller for these types of tools, why don’t you try Sofly watch repair supplies? They can undoubtedly support you with your needs in completing your watch repair kit.

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