Teclast is one of the most renowned Tablets, Laptop, and peripheral manufacturer in China. The company has recently Launched it’s flagship killer 360-degree Notebook, Teclast F15. Teclast F15 is featured with 15.6-inch FHD display and powered by the Intel N4100 Quad Core processor made this a perfect notebook for anyone.

If you are looking for a notebook for your office or business usages, then do consider this one. Before buying any other random Notebook, here we have reviewed this Notebook for you. So, without any more delay let’s get started the Teclast F15 review:

Teclast F15 Specification

Teclast F15Specification
Display15.6" IPS Screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels
ProcessorIntel Celeron N4100
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 600
Memory256GB SSD
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery6000 mAh

Teclast F15: Display & Build Quality

The first thing we noticed about this notebook is build quality and display. Must say, build quality of the Taclast F15 is top notched, the Aluminum body provides the rugged-ness to the device and premium look when you hold it. The Lid is perfectly clubbed with hinged and open it seamlessly.teclast-F15 reviewThe Teclast F15 offers the 15.6-inch FHD display with IPS panel. The colors and details are way better than HP, Lenovo Notebooks in this price range. If you compare this with other Notebook of Acer, Dell then you have to pay almost $800 for this type of display. Teclast F15 display is perfectly fit for the office use and watch movies but not for the gaming, due to low refresh rate. Overall the build and display quality of the F15 is good.

Teclast F15: Keyboard & Touchpad

The keyboard and touchpad of this notebook are also good. You are getting a backlight keyboard with adjustable brightness so, you can adjust the brightness according to your need. The sperate Num pad is also available here for better typing experience. The keyboard is not the best but nor worst. It makes some noise while you typing something which is kind of annoying sometimes.teclast-F15 reviewNow talking about the touchpad, no physical buttons are available on the touchpad. You have to press a little hard on the right and left the side of the touchpad to use the buttons. But sometimes you need to press a little hard because its response is not that good. The touchpad is average and buttons are less responsive.

Teclast F15: Processor & Memory

Now in the previous version launched Notebooks are powered by the Intel Celeron processor. The processor was good but rendering speed was low. The Teclast F15 is powered by the Intel 8th Generation Gemini Lake processor, which is 30% more efficient and optimized. The 4MB of catch memory delivers fast processing. Teclast F15 running on the updated Windows 10 with genuine version.teclast-F15 reviewThe processor performs well under Email, Playing Songs, surfing the internet, and watching Videos. And one more thing to mention that, it is embedded with Intel 9th Generation Graphics. So, you can play videos in 4K quality with 60fps. But under gaming condition, there are some lags while we are playing games like Crysis, COD, and others.teclast-F15 review

The Teclast F15 has 8GB LPDDR4 RAM and 256GB of SSD. The SSD provides the fast read and writes speed and rendering as well. The 8GB RAM provides fast multitasking and easy switching between apps. The F15 has the Tf card slot and two USB 3.0 Port as well so you can expend the storage.

Teclast F15: Operating System & Connectivity

The Teclast F15 comes with Pre-Install genuine Windows 10. You will not get any pre-install unwanted applications that use the RAM and space in the storage. You will get all the updates and security patches on time. This will help you to maintain your notebook efficiency.teclast-F15 reviewTo connect with the internet word, it has the Wi-Fi support of both 2.4Ghz to 5.0Ghz. And Bluetooth 4.0 to connect the Bluetooth keyboard and Mouse.

Teclast F15: Battery 

Teclast F15 is featured with the 6000mAh battery and takes almost 3-4 hours to completely charge. If you use it normally like watching movies, surfing the internet then it can run for almost 6-7 hours. The processor is optimizing the battery power and processing and provides the best performance to the user.

Teclast F15: Review & Conclusion

As per the specifications of Teclast F15, this is not a gaming machine. If you are looking for a laptop for the office then it is a perfect machine for you. The 15.6″ display and also it’s 360-degree rotating makes it perfectly usable for all kind of users. You can also edit your videos, photos on this notebook but it will consume more power because the processor is not made of this purpose.

If you look at the price, that is $425.99, this is the best notebook you can get. A 15.6′ HD display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and 360-degree rotating display, what else you need from a notebook. The F15 is the perfect laptop under $400.