The technology field isn’t standing in one place – it’s continuously developing and innovating and doing it very fast. People have stopped even making predictions about the technologies we’ll discover and our advances in the field, just because everything moves so fast.

Technologies for Students to Learn in 2020

In today’s world, you have to evolve with the world to say up-to-date. Meaning, you constantly have to learn new things, and learning technological skills puts you ahead of other students and candidates by a lot.

No matter your major and whether it has any direct connections to IT, you’re still probably going to get out a lot of use if you learn some tech skills. Employers nowadays are looking for smart and capable young workers, so knowing software development and its subfields can be a game-changer.

Getting a Finance degree? Law? Even Medical? – It doesn’t matter. If you’re a student that wants to boost their chances of getting an awesome job, then you should consider learning one of the following technologies:


This subfield has already become quite popular on its own over the past year. The AI deals with copying and mimicking human behavior – our lifestyles, approaches to work, speech patterns, how we play, etc. AI has become ubiquitous in the technology world, and most people in the US utilize AI daily.

Your favorite smartphone assistant – mimics speech and analyzes yours to perform tasks. The numerous content services employ AI algorithms to find the best content for you, like if you would’ve searched through the platform and picked it out for yourself.

AI is a part of automation, which threatens to cut many workers and make their jobs meaningless because a program can easily handle the task. So, if you want to secure your employment, then partially becoming one who can automate instead of doing monotonous work is the way to go.

VR and AR

Many current students employ an essay help to have more free time and play around with their VR headsets. They delegate their academic load to have a chance to dive into the virtual world – hopefully, you can see how popular this technology is.

VR completely immerses the users into the virtual world by substituting visual and audio stimulation of the real world for their own. The best examples of VR in use are, of course, military training software. AR adds to the “real-picture” – smart glasses, and the Snapchat filters, which add virtual objects to the real space, are the best examples of AR.

All the major tech companies are working hard on their VR and AR efforts, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Huawei. So, just about any tech giant is in the game to improve their soft- and hardware and win over the market. If you know VR and AR in addition to your other major, then you’ll be an invaluable addition to most teams in such companies.


Are you surprised to see cybersecurity on the list? Yes, it’s not a new subfield of technology. However, its importance is growing with each day. The number of digital attacks on various companies is growing quite fast with each day.

Thanks to the general popularization of technology and the creation of simple hacking tools (encompassing programming libraries dedicated solely to hacking), hackers are abundant nowadays. So, cybersecurity measures are a must in any contemporary working environment.

As long as hackers exist, the cybersecurity field will always be a relevant choice. In terms of real employment, if you’ll be able to establish safe working conditions on your job, then you’re simply making yourself an irreplaceable employee.

Edge Computing

You might also know this subfield as something called cloud computing. What even is this field about? It’s all about how, thanks to the fast, wireless connections that we have now, we don’t need powerful machines to run all the heavy software on our own. We can easily delegate this hard work to a web service that’ll do the calculations and give us the result.

As an edge computing specialist, you’ll be the one to establish such a workflow for others on your job. Using web services, you’ll save the company a lot of money with web services from such companies as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Most of the professional software has already been adapted for the web; all you need to do is create the logistics behind your company’s workflow.

Outstanding Advantage

Many people shy away from learning any technical skill due to several reasons, and with this decision, they seriously handicap their careers. By learning at least one of the technologies above, you’re making yourself into a favorable candidate even if you just graduated from college.

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