The Chinese manufacturers are offering the smartphone on the lower price which offers the good performance and great features as well. The companies like Doogee, Ulefone, Cubot, Elephone are engaging users with the low priced smartphone. Now Chinese manufacture Tbook is launching the Lower-priced Ultra thin Gaming Laptop. As you know Gaming Laptop always a bit heavy and bing in Size. To carry them in the laptop bag is not that easy, but now this won’t be any burden for you.

The Chinese manufacturers are boosting to launch lower-priced laptops prepared with medium-sized screens in addition. And today we have T-bao Tbook X8S Pro with us. This laptop is definitely under your budget as it is priced less through an easy design prepared with plastic that comprises a Celeron processor as well as 6GB of DDR3 RAM, a combo sufficient to run Windows 10 and most of the MS office application without difficulties.

So, let’s take a deeper look at the design, Hardware, Software and other important factors which makes it the Urlta Thin Gaming Laptop:

T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro At a Glance

Display 15.6 inch IPS screen with Full HD resolution
Processor Intel Celeron J3455 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz
Graphic Card NVIDIA GeForce 920M
Operating System Windows 10
Camera 0.3 MP front-facing camera
Battery 8000 mAh Li-ion polymer battery with usage time of 5 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Ports 3.5mm headphone jack, mini HDMI port, RJ45 connector, SD card slot, 2 x USB 3.0 and a USB type- C

Design & Outer Look

T-baoTbook X8S Pro Notebook mainly excites with its design which is very good and elegant, with a gilded edge that contrasts a delicate appearance with the display board and the keyboard switches colored black. The laptop’s body is made out of Plastic and has been assumed a sandblasting treatment is providing it a classy look and feel. This also makes it robust and sturdy. The X8s is sized at 357 x 235 x 18mm Dimension with the weight of 1700g.T-baoTbook X8S Pro ReviewThe 15.6” inch T-BaoTbook pro has a beautiful appearance that also benefits from a full-size keyboard and a large touchpad which offers you excellent control. The body made of the plastic that’s why weight is not much and it is easy to carry anywhere.


The X8s comes with an IPS display, which is relatively broad. So, clearly, it is a full HD IPS display of not so bad quality. As the elements essential to have a decent image quality are present. The screen is not bordered less, but its margins around the slab are fairly narrow. It also comes with high definition NVIDIA GeForce 920M graphics card through which you can enjoy Full HD 1920×1080 resolution from the GPU along with a large 14.1-inch display delivering an exceptional viewing experience.T-baoTbook X8S Pro ReviewThe GPU moreover supports 4K as well as H.265 video formats. If you want to share it with a broader audience, a mini HDMI port allows you do just that.

We found this Atom in fusion machines similar the Transformer Book T100 for instance. We can accept that the choice of this chip was prepared as said by the price of it. This is one of the best inexpensive Intel catalogs with such features presently


The device comes with the Intel Atom x5Z8350 CPU and has a 14nm low power-driven processor that is clocked on 1.44 GHz. It has a CPU burst style that could meet abrupt processing demands thus you get refined, smooth performance. While partnered with a 6GB of DDR3 RAM of this notebook you would be able toward enjoy all of the daily computing jobs such as surfing the web, workplace work, watching cinemas or playing easy games without any interval or hiccups.

This device comes with the Atom Cherry Trail X5-Z8350 processor. However, it was mainly designed for smaller diagonals plus machines that require an outstanding battery life ratio. The Atom Cherry Trail is a quad-core processor with quad-threaded resolution with 2 MB of cache and clocking speed of 1.44 GHz.

Operating System

The T-bao X8s pro comes with Windows 10 out of the box which is relatively the best OS for home users that are the targeted customers of this notebook. Along with Win 10, this notebook offers pretty decent features like Cortana, etc. that are very useful and handy at times.

Memory (RAM & ROM)

Talking about the gaming laptop, RAM & ROM is the most important factors to be considered here. The T-bao X8S comes with the Ultra Fast 6GB RAM of DDR3 and 128GB oF SSD ROM. The notebook has enough RAM to run any game so far. And not only that, It also has the NVIDIA GeForce 920M Graphic card which provides the extra power to the laptop to run the Game and provides a Great Graphic quality as well.T-baoTbook X8S Pro Review

The 128GB of SSD is quite disappointed you here, being a gaming laptop 128GB is not enough to store the game data. So here you have to buy an external Hard drive. But an interesting thing is X8S support the USB 3.0 for the quick response.


The Tbook X8s Pro has a built-in Camera which is a front camera. You can use it to start a video call with family and friends. It also offers a 0.3-megapixel webcam which is combined with a microphone for video conferencing.

BatteryT-baoTbook X8S Pro Review

The battery offered here is an 8,000 mAh monster, which is a pretty ruthless sign in general. Furthermore, most of the devices manufactured by T-bao places a big battery. It is stated that it proposes 7 hours of incessant work. Which is pretty decent for this price tag and is more than enough for a regular user.

Price & Availablity

The T-Bao is offering this laptop on the really cheap price. The X8S available at $359.99 at GearBest. The presale of the Notebook is on, so go buy it because this kind of deal won’t stay alive for a long time. Protecting your laptop is also must. To ensure laptop is safe and secure, you can check out for latest deals and offers avail for laptop bags on, so go ahead and have a look.

T-bao Tbook X8S Pro: Review & Conclusion

Finally, the T-bao Tbook X8S Pro derives with the quantity of connectivity choices including dual-WiFi support, inbuilt network card interface, USB Type-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, as well as many more. And all-in-all we can conclude that the Tbao X8s Pro is an excellent choice for customers who are looking for a decent mid-range notebook device.

Design & Apperance
Hardware (Processor)
Graphic Card
Operating System
Memory (RAM & ROM)
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