Syncing data on Mac with other non-Apple devices or accounts can be a real challenge. First of all, Apple doesn’t provide any built-in options to keep data in sync between Mac and non-Apple devices, like Android phones for example.

Second, manual data update on all devices and accounts you have will take too long. Why would you spare your time on updating contacts on Mac and any devices or accounts you use if you can sync them?

This is where SyncMate, powerful sync solution, will assist.

Why use SyncMate 7?

In such kind of situations, SyncMate comes to the rescue. SyncMate is sturdy and comfortable to use the software. It syncs all the data effectively between Mac and Android, iOS devices and online storage such as Google, iCloud, Dropbox as well as Windows services such as Outlook, Office 365 Home and Business accounts, mounted and MTP devices, other Macs. All of these devices are synced with Mac within one app.

SyncMate is a perfect Mac synchronization software ever available. The software successfully keeps your data in sync between Mac and multiple devices. The user does not have to purchase various sync solutions to sync their Mac with every device. All they have to do is download SyncMate, and all the supported devices will be synchronized within this one given application. As easy as that.

What makes SyncMate unique is that it offers its own Sync Service to keep data updated between Mac and all mentioned above devices and accounts. Sync is performed directly between Mac and device (or online account), no need to transfer data to third-party storage, just sync it directly from Mac to the device.

Benefits of Using SyncMate 7

SyncMate 7 is highly flexible, which means if you do not have any complicated procedures to for using this software.

At the same time, it does not take so much time in loading and syncing the data.
SyncMate allows the users to sync data on Mac with a great variety of different devices and accounts.

The user can even choose the device that he wants to sync and to check the options available for it.

Pricing and Features

The software comes in two variants, one is free, and the other is Expert Edition. However, the free edition has limited freedom and accessibility. But, still, it works well. SyncMate’s free edition will sync the most crucial data – Contacts & Calendars for FREE. SyncMate Expert, however, offers additional options to be synchronized: iTunes, Photos, folders, Safari bookmarks and more.

  • Auto Sync:
    It offers automatic sync option which lets the user set various boundaries for any of the supported devices.
  • Edit Data across devices:
    With Expert Edition the user can quickly create, send, and delete, as well as search and export text messages from Android and iOS on the Mac.
  • Convert and Save:
    It also allows the conversion of videos to AVI, MPG, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP and audio files to MP3 and WAV to syncing them to the device.
  • Multitasked
    SyncMate syncs your Mac with multiple devices simultaneously and effortlessly.
  • Free Sync service
    The basic edition of the software is free, and it enables the synchronization of Contacts, calendars, sync can be performed in background.
  • Invisible sync
    Don’t let the application window bother you while you are working on your device. The sync will continue to take place without interrupting your work.

How Sync Works?

Sync can be done with the help of USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but that depends on the synced device. SyncMate requires OS X 10.8.5 and is compatible with Android 4.x-8.x devices and iOS 5.x-11.x devices.
The features and other specifications of the SyncMate software are as given below –

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
    Automatic sync
    Easy and compatible with many devices
    Protects data and vital information
  • Cons
    There are no cons that we experienced with the software.


SyncMate is the best solution so far for synchronization of data and other information within devices. It supports both Android as well as iPhones and is available in free and expert versions. What makes SyncMate outstanding for everyone is that it combines sync of several devices within one app. Why should the user google for separate sync tools, if the user has SyncMate that does this all in one app and in the same way among all the devices?

Although, the software could have offered some more options in the free edition. But syncing of contacts and calendars are also excellent for many users. The application also saves time and reacts much faster than other Sync tools.

So, if you read this review and felt satisfied with the working and service of the software, do recommend it to your friends and acquaintances and help them to solve the problem of syncing data.