Facebook is known for its, safe and reliable social platform, where millions of people get engaged. It is the best social site in the world till date. But since yesterday some users have complained about something unusual in their Facebook account. Many people are getting a strange SVG file from their Facebook friend.

Even I got this SVG file yesterday, this SVG File is sent by one of my Facebook friend. As I have some idea about the formats and I thought that this SVG file may be related to some picture format. But as soon as I opened the file in the next tab, there was something unusual thing appear. It’s kind of video platform. My computer was getting hanged and I realized that something wrong was there in this file. I immediately shut down my computer and restart it.

Do not click on the photo_ [digits] .svg attachment!

Think carefully before you click on an attachment in a message from a friend on Facebook. Innocent-looking graphics in SVG format can be a dangerous virus that take over your account.

Infected files are named in the form of photo_ [digits] .svg. A malicious virus manages a graphic file attached to a message from a friend. Clicking on the link on facebook chat redirects to the extension for the browser.

In fact when you click on the SVG file on facebook your  computer get infected with malicious code, which, among others, takes control of your account in the social networking site.

Even after opening the browser, it will automatically install some file in your PC and it will harm your infect your computer.

As we know after that, removing the virus is not easy and the risk of massive, so it’s best to be on guard and watch out for suspicious attachments. After infecting a computer, the worm sends messages to contacts from Facebook, so it is worth to warn about the case of his friends.

So it’s better to inform your friend and close one about this suspicious SVG file. Who know, you will be the next victim in the list!