Would you believe it if someone told you that you can become an expert carrom player online and win little pocket money in big games? Carrom has been a popular game in every household since decades now. It is a game that requires a said skill-set along with guidance to be able to win this competitive game. From your grandparents to your parents and generations after, this game will always be a hit in an Indian household. At every family gathering or small get together, carrom board was a must. However, since the pandemic pushed everyone into their homes, it became difficult to come together and play it on the board. Luckily, many online businesses monetised this business idea and began online carrom games to help keep families entertained at home.

online carrom game

The comfort of playing carrom online with your friends and families in different parts of the world at the convenience of your home has popularised the game even more today. So, now that everyone can sit at home and indulge in a carrom game with the same enthusiasm and excitement as the physical board game, it is important to know some quick and easy carrom tricks to win your next online game successfully. Let us discuss the top tips and tricks below:

Carrom Tricks To Win

Know The Rules Well

The first and the most important carrom tricks to win an online carrom game is to ensure you are well-acquainted with all the rules, which are almost similar to the ones of the traditional carrom physical board game. So, if you are a first-time rookie at carrom, ensure you study all about the game before you apply any of the other carrom tricks to win your first game online.

Break Effectively

When you are playing carrom online, you are required to take the first shot, which is called breaking. Now, to get the consecutive second shot, you need to pocket a coin. So, one of the top and necessary carrom tricks to win your next online carrom game is to research and practice techniques that can improve your striking eye and help you pocket more than once or twice at the beginning of the game itself. For now, the online carrom games are not that specific about the nitty-gritty elements of the game, but learning these techniques will also come in handy when you play a traditional carrom board game in the future.

Practice and Patience

Online games as opposed to traditional or face to face challenges are relatively difficult to focus on as there is a lack of seriousness. However, practising online carrom before challenging others in the game will increase your strategic thinking ability, help build patience and thus improve your overall game plan. This way, you will not only become a better player but will also teach you a lot about the game throughout.


Even though this is one of the most basic carrom tricks to win a carrom game, both online and offline, it is still necessary to pay extra attention towards avoiding any kind of fouls during the game. This is because it not only spoils your game but also changes the direction of the game in the opponent’s favour. Common fouls to avoid at any cost include not pocketing the coin of the opponent player, leaving the queen unguarded, not breaking in the first go, etc.

Trick Shots

For every carrom game, whether board game or online, the end goal is to strike maximum coins in the pot to increase your points and win the game. When you are playing on a traditional board, you have ample time to plan out each striking shot by placing your fingers in the direction of the coin. However, one of the few effective carrom tricks to win an online game includes analysis of hand and finger placement on the virtual board before striking with a trick shot to surprise the opponent and ace the game. All you need to do is continue practising different positions of the finger and placements of the thumb to come up with your own trick shots to put the coin in the first go itself.

Remove Distractions

It is a key requirement in which additional carrom board game to sit in a comfortable position to have the right placement of your hand against the board for winning the game. Similarly, for online carrom, you need to ensure you are sitting in a comfortable chair and do not have any distractions around you to ensure you have a proper focus in the online carrom game.

Focus On The Queen

Lastly, the most relevant and necessary carrom tricks to win an online carrom game is to protect the Queen at all times. In order to win the games, a player has to pot one of their own coins right before striking the Queen into the pocket. In order to do that, you can either align your other available points on the board in the direction of the Queen or you can cover the opponent’s coins to ensure they do not hit the queen at any cost.

Overall, to become a pro at carrom on online platforms, for various reasons including gaining expertise to your stress buster, you need to give it enough time and practice. In today’s time when you can sit at home and play carrom from any electronic device, there is no reason to not give this a fair shot. Thus, do not wait any longer and start carrom today.

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