Backing up your data is highly necessary when you can’t afford to lose important files and folders. The repercussions of lost data are more than a just monetary loss. Losing an important file can give you a miniature heart attack at any point of time. Therefore, the best is to go for sound data recovery or use Stellar Phoenix Raid Recovery Software. The pretty featured data recovery software is a better way of keeping things safe.

Why choose stellar phoenix data recovery tool?

  1. The data recovery tool recovers even the corrupted files that have been deleted by you for some reason. The highly versatile tool sexy free from the headache of losing any important data accidental deletion.
  2. Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery tool helps in salvaging your files that are not stored in hardware systems or cloud storage. The forensic give much importance who serves as criminals often seek escapism through data deletion. Once the deleted data is recovered, the most critical cases become easiest to solve.
  3. The featured recovery tool covers up every format of data that you can imagine.
  4. It works on raid recovery parameters.
  5. The standalone solution lets you receive lost emails, music, photos and videos with just a single click.
  6. The magical tool acts as a ray of hope when you accidentally forget to backup data from external drives like SD card, CD, DVD and hard drive. Any model that’s for your data can be linked with this particular software for searching the particular files.
  7. The advanced standing option immediately finds out the filename/extension within feasible time limits.
  8. The raw recovery feature initiates a deeper scan to identify the corrupted data files in form of comprehensible results.
  9. The users can conveniently generate an image of the hard drive and save the same with the help of data recovery program anytime they feel like.

How is Stellar Phoenix Windows Recovery Software helpful?

  • Cloning of hard drive
  • Helps in voluminous data search
  • Supports exFAT, fat and NTFS file formats
  • Supportable on Vista, XP and Windows PC
  • Secured Method for data recovery
  • retrieve data from UNIX, Windows, Linux and Mac PC
  • powerful scanning module so that you received back lost email and photos
  • helps to scan corrupted files

What all can Stellar Phoenix Windows recovery program revive?

Digital photo recovery: Amazing photo recovery software rescues against accidental deletion or formatting. It immediately finds out the recoverable multimedia items like pictures, videos and audio files the moment you initiate a scan. No matter whether you want to retrieve The Lost pictures from hard disk, SD card or any other storage device, the competent software would immediately reclaim the lost pictures to make you happy and peaceful.

Raw recovery Support: When the deleted files are not available in normal supportable versions, the software digs harder to get things done. It supports almost any version of data possible to exist.

Let you add headers: The list of existing photo file category and data folder can be differentiated from the unique multimedia files so as to recover them easily in a hassle-free way. Immediately add file header with drag and drop option.

Price and availability

The Stellar Data Recovery software is available online for Mac Operating system at free and premium versions.

  • Free version -allows you to recover 1 GB data
  • Premium version – supports unlimited data recovery


Final words

The speed of any data recovery software matters a lot. And, when we talk about stellar data recovery tool, it works within a fraction of seconds. Moreover, the affordable premium version supports unlimited data recovery so you don’t have to worry about anything else. With more than 300 file formats supported, Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery deserves a green platform every night and Windows user.