For those of us who do not wish to surf all the same social networking sites regularly, social media management tools are the answer. Running a set of accounts on different social sites is tough. You have to worry about the posting time. Not missing out on any one of the accounts and that also involves not missing out on any events like comments and messages happening on each platform. Social media management tools are there to offer help if you’re willing to pay the price for it. But that doesn’t mean individual users can’t use these tools as well. Here are a few social media management tools online for 2018 that you should definitely consider.


Buffer has been making a name for itself in the social media game for a long time now and not without success. SEO and SMM experts have reported it to be the best tool in the market that allows you not only access to several accounts at once but also offers a really easy interface to use it. With a reach of mostlyall famous social sites and networks including Pinterest and Instagram, Tumblr and more, campaigning and advertising is very easy. Buffer is the top choice that is available for free if you are willing to manage 3 accounts. Nevertheless, you can buy the maximum limit of 2000 accounts as well if you can.


For all those social media celebrities and YouTubers out there, Hootsuite has been the secret weapon for a long time. Hootsuite is another social media management tool in the market that offers to schedule posts on social media sites and getting extensive free reports through email. Given the nature of the work, having Hootsuite was better than accessing the social site itself for those who wanted refined feeds.

Facebook Power Editor:

If you are in the field of advertising, you would be facing difficulties running more than one ad campaigns at a time. Facebook ads manager is a simple platform that has a comfortable display but doesn’t offer multitasking and extensive control. Therefore, Facebook offers Power Editor that is similar to the working of the Adword Editor but the design follows strictly Facebook protocols. You can find it relatively easier to create custom target audiences by finding the tools to thoroughly research the niche of the content you’re trying to spread awareness about.

Social Mention:

Again, for those of you who wish to advertise better than your competition, you need something to know the competition. Even having basic information regarding the market is not enough if you cannot see the performance charts. That’s where Social Mention comes in. It provides a detailed analysis of the performance of products, ads, companies on social sites. The resulting output is determined through 4 factors. The Strength of the social presence the target has, the Sentiment the public has with it, the Passion the company is showing and the Reach that they are getting with it all.


Of course, these are the tools you can use to manage social media. What some people also require is social media monitoring, you can read more about that on mSpy reviews. But as long as your needs are related to management, you can count on these tools to help you in your endeavors.