When it comes to social media, Snapchat almost tops the list of best social media apps. Snapchat is one of the most popular and user-friendly apps. It not only provides you with best of your pictures along with some of the craziest and unique filters but it also ensures the safety and security of your pictures. It is so awesome and so funny when you get the craziest and different pictures of yours which you can share with your friends and buddies. Snapchat also refers itself as ‘the camera company’ that sells ‘toys’ to the connected generation.


It is a matter of fact that Snapchat comes with the best of features and its popularity hiked up even more when it came up with the feature of Snapchat Spectacles. The idea of Snapchat Spectacles is an idea of a different kind which is widely supported by the users. Snapchat Spectacles look like ordinary sunglasses but basically it’s a gadget with the help of which users record  snaps and then later post it on Snapchat.

Accessories with Snapchat Spectacles

The Spectacles come in a design which contains four main parts, including:

  • The glasses
  • A charging case
  • A portable USB
  • And a cleaning cloth shaped like the logo i.e. the ghost.

Snapchat spectacles accesorries

It allows you to make snaps equivalent to what you see. Snapchat Spectacles are available in three exclusive colours: black, bluish teal and reddish coral. The battery has the ability to record around 100 10 second snaps without any problem. The shape of the spectacles is kind of round and each lens contains embedded minute cameras on the top ringed by LED lights. These cameras have different functions regarding how to record and at what angle they record.

Users can see yellow vending machines around, launched by the company that provide them with Spectacles. However, the vending machines have reached to a few places till now including California, Oklahoma and they are expected to be soon in New York. The Company provides each vending machine called Snapbots, in a particular locality for 48 hours in a turn and then shifts its location. The website provides the concerned details about the location 24 hours before the Snapbot is transferred in that particular area. You require around $130  to get a pair of these Snapchat spectacles.


The battery is of good power and it enables you to record enough of snaps. The battery lasts maximum up to a day and the maximum time limit is about 30 seconds. The Spectacles outflow a little beam of light while recording to alert the people and the snaps are recorded in a circular format. The HD Definition camera allows you to record the best of Snaps.

You also don’t require your mobile phone around while recording through the Spectacles. The Spectacles will upload the snaps to the memories when they’ll come under WiFi coverage.


You need to tap on the button on the left corner at the top of the spectacles to record a Snap. As mentioned above, the Snaps can be recorded for a maximum time limit of 30 seconds.

So! Stop waiting and get ready to constantly stalk the website, to know when these Snapbots are coming in your locality. Plus, get ready to become a part of the queues which are totally going to make you tired but the joy of the achievement will overpower your tired mood. Hurry and get your spectacles to record your memories and stuff.

Happy Snapping!