We have always read about the big brands like GoPro, Sony, Xiaomi when it comes to buying a featured action camera. Exceptionally this time we are going to discuss about the current generation SJCAM SJ8 Pro that has magnification features and an affordable price. Native 4K with 30fps clubbed with image stabilization makes the camera work astoundingly well. Without wasting any time let’s start the detailed review of SJCAM SJ8 Pro:

Build Quality & Appearance

The SJCAM SJ8 Pro is featured with the Dual screen 2.33-inch touch screen (back) and 0.96-inch front screen. The front screen is able to show you the content like recording time, battery level, mode as well. The body of the camera is made of plastic and all the ports are covered. SJCAM Sj8 Pro review

On the top of the camera, it has a power button to turn on and off the camera. As you turn On the camera shows all the options on the 2.33″ rear display which is touchscreen.

On the right side, it has the USB port C to charge the camera and at the bottom, you have the battery port. Overall the build quality is nice and impressive. The 12MP camera is able to shoot the videos at [email protected] and it has an 8X zoom as well.


The double screen of the SJCAM SJ8 Pro outputs in better physical control and precise info display. With a back panel of 2.33 inch, the entire surface is logically covered so that you can operate the gadget in a tactile way. The touchscreen display is easy to control and also comes with two User Interface.SJCAM Sj8 Pro review

The tiny or LED panel of .96 inch completely showcases all the vital information in real time. The dimensions of the gadget are 2.46 x 1.61 x 1.13 inches with an overall weight is 70 gram for integration quality. The traditional external shell supports in-depth shooting experience within the water of up to 30meter.

Camera Sensor

The 12.0-megapixel sensor gives a huge competition to the Sony IMX377 digital camera. The high-quality camera gives appreciable image rate per second along with the high resolution. You can alter the overall settings to make the best use of 4K video Technology. The camera can also record the videos at [email protected], 15fps, 60fps, 50fps, [email protected]SJCAM Sj8 Pro review

You can also capture the images at 4K, but here is a thing to use the 4K mode of the camera you need a bigger and batter memory card and personally I would suggest you use the class 10 Memory card.

Connectivity & Processor 

Apart from the very astounding sensor, the hardware configuration of the gadget is yet quite powerful. The ambarella H22 processor better than the umbrella H2 present in other models. When connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the device can exchange pictures at a maximum distance of 10M. It can also control through remote control and comes with image transmission to makes things very convenient. The USB-C port is also embedded within the gadget for exaggerated connectivity options.

The built-in microphone conveniently handles the voice commands whereas the GPS technology positions data speed and other operations.


The SJCAM SJ8 pro comes with the IP68 waterproofing, so now pack your bag to go and shoot the videos and take photos of water up to 30m. The camera comes with multi modes which are Aerial Photography, Bike, Extreme Sports, Motorcycle, Ski, Underwater.

The SJCAM SJ8 Pro comes with a lot of mounting gears as Waterproof Housing with Mount and Screw, Frame, Base, Adhesive, Mount, Connector with Screw, Handle Bar Mount, Tripod Adapter and Tripod Mount Adapter, USB Cable.

BatterySJCAM Sj8 Pro review

The 1200 MH battery capacity gives 3 hours of standby time and 90 minutes of constant shooting and recording experience at 4K. Soon after you charge the device at 100% battery level, you can begin using it for sharp images and high-quality videos. It takes up to 2 hours for the device to get fully charged. You can also charge the battery through your power bank or smartphone.

SJCAM SJ8 Pro: Reviews & Conclusion

Although the features present in the SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4K are not as new as they could be, the reduction in price is huge. Besides, 2.33-inch touch screen is slightly out of the box when we compare the rest camera models floating in the market. Upgraded processor and powerful battery backup further make us happy to order the device from the leading E-commerce website like Gearbest.


Officially announced on Gearbest at a price of $289, order the gadget today and enjoy free shipping facility and premium service. You can also prebook The Gadget in case it gets exceptionally out of stock.