Many cryptocurrencies are in a strong correction phase now. Everyone expects growth from Bitcoin. But given how much investor funds have already been invested in it, it is rather difficult to expect 200-300% or more in a relatively short period.

Many currencies are worthy of attention. For example, it is MATIC. Anyone looking to invest in it inevitably wants to know its forecasts. The fundamental evaluation criteria here are qualitative, so there are no key indicators that indicate an increase or decrease in prices. In the case of this token, the implementation of roll-ups, side chains, and enterprise chains plays an important role.

Scalability is significant for most top cryptocurrencies, particularly BTC and ETH. The first inventors of digital money probably didn’t even imagine that their coins would become so widespread and could barely cope with the load on the network. So, any working solutions that reduce the load on the network and increase the speed of transactions are highly appreciated and welcomed by the community. MATIC strives to solve this issue. That is why it is so interesting for investors. This token will be very relevant and in demand as long as there is a scalability issue.

In December 2021, the token was in 15th rank among the leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Still, it wasn’t constantly so. After this digital asset joined the market in 2019, it didn’t work quite well for a couple of years. Yet, in 2021, this token became one of the most beneficial cryptocurrencies. Despite some cost modifications, MATIC showed no signs of slowing down.

Will this tendency continue in the following years? Should you invest in this token? Let’s take a look at the MATIC cost forecast from specialists. Having such information, you will make more profitable investment conclusions about MATIC.

MATIC Price Forecast for 2023

Polygon (previously known as MATIC Network) is an Ethereum-based coin trying to solve the Ethereum network’s issues. Polygon aims to promote the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by enhancing scalability on numerous blockchains. It helps eradicate some restrictions of the Ethereum platform. It contains a system of blockchains linked to the Ethereum chain. Thus, it permits you to process more than 60,000 transactions per second.

In 2023, this token will improve its significance. With the token’s highest supply expected to run out by 2022, 2023 seems even more favorable. The long-term profit potential for the token increases significantly once the entire supply has been reached. You can find various exchange rates like USDC to MATIC online if you are interested in investing.

MATIC is possible to be in the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in several years. By the end of 2026, it will cost more than $10,000. More favorable analysts estimate its cost at $12.000 by the end of 2026.

Should You Invest in MATIC?

MATIC is a worthy investment. What is better — long-term or short-term investments? It depends on your own goals, but both options are possible. Investors looking to invest for the long term will find the MATIC project something that aims to solve common blockchain problems. Numerous applications already running on the Polygon network are the fact that the project is successful. You can do your analysis to see it for yourself.

Most of the top exchanges list this token for trading. You can buy it with fiat money. Nevertheless, if you already own other cryptocurrencies, you can use exchanges to swap some of them for MATIC tokens or swap SafeMoon to BNB if you need.

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