VeePN VPN offers you next-level security service. You can protect all your Apple gadgets and enjoy unlimited Internet access, with this user-friendly app.

The fastest VPN app lets you surf the Internet without any prohibitions or restrictions. If you wish to get an application that would help you to access any website, get a secure connection and 100% privacy, nothing can be better than VeePN the VPN app.

How to install VeePN VPN App?

You just have to initiate a few simple steps to install VeePN VPN application in your gadget. Download the VeePN VPN for the iOS device. Then follow the given steps:

  • Login into your account or simply plan out of subscription if you haven’t an account.
  • Install the VeePN VPN app in your Apple device and make sure that everything is 100% secured.
  • Get connected with more than 48 locations through the VeePN VPN app.

What are the exact benefits of using VeePN VPN App?

With the help of apple and VPN connectivity, you can secure your favorite content and sensitive data with few easy steps. VeePN VPN allows one to get connected with XBox, Apple TV, PlayStation Nintendo, and any other gadget through the router.

  • Geo-restricted
    VeePN helps you to overcome the reckless blockings initiated by the government. The custom protocol method of VeePN masks your identity and allows you to access the websites that you don’t usually get to access because of geographical restrictionsveepn-server
  • Grants higher security level-In case you are looking for more Internet privacy, VeePN can help you to get that. The 256-bit data encryption allows protecting your personal information by the strongest shield in the online realm. The service also does not store any log of your online activity. Therefore, it is not possible for anyone to find out your server or address. With more than 2500 servers situated in 48 locations globally, you can access the Internet from any place in the world and even enhance your default speed. There were no speed drops while browsing at all. The unlimited data usage allows you to browse freely, stream favorite media and play online games without worrying about reaching the data cap.
  • Multi-platform support -VeePN supports most of the platforms and devices available out there. It perfectly works on Mac, Windows and Android platforms.And this is just the beginning of the list! Check the full list below:


  • Plans and pricing-VeePN offers a wide range of subscription plans, so every user will be able to find something suitable for their needs. One-month service comes just for $10.99. If you pay for the annual subscription, it costs $5.83 per month, a total of $69.99 per year. You can also make a single payment of $199.99 for a lifetime plan.
  • Customization possible
    You can customize the application according to your personal requirements with the automatic configuration feature. The automatic configuration enhances the overall performance of your gadget.
  • Kill switch-In case your VPN connection drops, your personal data can be exposed. VeePN’s feature Kill Switch blocks your connection so that your data is not exposed even for a fraction of second.
  • Multiple protocols -You can choose from OpenVPN, IKEv2,Smart TCP, andSmart UDP to maximize the performance of the app on your device.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using VeePN?

If you look at the best VPN services, the main advantage includes faster speed, bypassing geo-restrictions and unlimited data. The only disadvantage we could find is the cost of the plans, which for some users may be too high.

VeePN allows you to achieve superior anonymity by disabling websites and services from following you around, and even knowing that you are using a VPN. There are no restrictions on data usage and you can stream as much content as you want on Spotify, Netflix, and other media services.

Are there any free trials?

Yes, VeePN does offer a free trial! You can register on their official website and get a free service for 7 days. Also, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can request your money back, as they offer a 30-day money back guarantee after you make the payment.veepn-pricing-plans

With VeePN, you can connect up to 10 devices at once. The application is impressive, and will definitely prove to be worthy for every user out there.

All in all, if you want the best VPN service, choose VeePN, and get next level VPN service at a bargain price.

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