A smartphone is one gadget that everyone owns. To keep it safe you usually just keep them in your pocket, hand, or purse but that’s not enough. Yeah, you heard the right, there is still a risk of picking up a virus or leaking important data found on your smartphone. Hackers don’t need physical access to your phone to steal your personal information or infect the device with malware. They infiltrate your phone with a virus through the Internet, apps, or unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Once it infects your smartphone, the app or virus will keep track of your info. If you want to keep away from this kind of deal and secure your smartphone, then here are some of the most important things you need to take care of.

how to secure android phone from hackers

Secure Android Phone

  • Use Password

    This is the first way to protect your phone from unknown assailants. You can lock your phone with the password; and use different patterns for more options. You should also change your password frequently, so as to prevent others from guessing it. Many smartphone models nowadays also have the facial-recognition lock feature, or voice recognition. If you have activated that feature then, the device only unlocks when the camera detects your face or your voice.

  • Update the Mobile OS

    You need to check every time if there is a new version of the OS on your phone. Sometimes users will leave it on automatic update, so anytime their phone is connected to the internet and an update is available, it will update. If you haven’t done it yet, then do it now. The reason why it is important is because new OS versions bring important updates for the smartphone and update your phone’s firmware to the most recent version. If your phone has built in protection, it will automatically detect malware or unknown files.

  • Install Apps From Trusted Sources

    Don’t install any app from unknown sites or untrusted sources. Install all apps on your phone from the designated app store of the smartphone. Untrusted sources are the most common cause of hacking. Some of the apps are not free on the app store, so users try to download them from other sources, leaving them vulnerable to viruses. If apps are not secured, it will almost certainly harm your phone. So, don’t let yourself be drawn in by the promise of free apps and don’t download apps from unknown sources.

    Sometimes apps need permissions before installing. If an app requests access to your personal information, don’t install it or deny this request.

Use Trusted Antivirus Companies, like Bitdefender

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Antivirus is the best way to protect your phone from all kinds of malware and viruses. When you are online and surfing the internetfrom your phone, a good antivirus will protect you from any spam sites. On the internet, many mobile antivirus apps are available but not all of them work well for you. To make it easy, we will suggest that you try Bitdefender Mobile Security to protect your phone. Bitdefender is widely considered to be the most advanced cyber security app for Android. It gives your devices absolute protection against internet threats and data snoopers. Let’s take a look at the features of the App:

  • Malware Scanner – Bitdefender has a 100% detection rate for its Malware Scanner. It is always up to date with the latest virus definition and automatically scans apps for malware as you install them.
  • Privacy Advisor – If any app peeks into your private data. It will automatically block that and notify you about it.
  • Web Security – If you are surfing the internet through Chrome, Opera or any other browser it will block spam & low-quality sites.
  • Anti-Theft & App Lock – If your phone got lost the Anti-Theft feature will help you out to Lock, geo-locate, sound an alarm, and wipe your data from any Android device connected to the Internet. You can easily set a pin lock for any app you want to protect.
  • WearON – The most advanced feature of the Bitdefender Mobile Security. It also protects any Android Wear devices connected to your smartphone. If you step too far away from the main device, your smart watch will vibrate. Even if your phone is silent, if you use the Scream function, it will scream for you.
  • If you follow the above tricks for mobile security you will always have the upper hand on malware & viruses. So let us know if you have any other good suggestion regarding mobile security down below in the comments section.
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