At last, the rumors have died down and will now rest in peace as Samsung finally unveiled its flagship smartphones of the year, Galaxy S8, and S8 Plus while confirming many rumors as it did. Right now, Samsung is facing a tough time and is trying to adopt foolproof techniques to woo new, as well as its estranged Galaxy Note 7 customers who were very much disappointed. Now that it is official and leaks and rumors about it are locked in the past, let us discuss the features and likability of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S8 The first impression that these new devices offer is quite remarkable with a good impression and there is a good vibe surrounding it. But even Samsung, perhaps, knows that first impression alone won’t be enough to put out the fire it created with its Note 7. After all, they were regarded as the best smartphones until they went on a bursting rage before being recalled. However, keeping in mind the fact that the company will be extra cautious with its flagship so as to not pull out from the Android race, we can be assured that they will be fine.

The major attractive feature of this mobile is its stupendous display which makes up about 84% of the screen and is certified with Mobile HDR Premium Certification which means that you get the experience of watching a movie on a 55-inch TV in your mobile. Coupled with the rounded edges and 5.8-inch screen size, there is a possibility that you might fool yourself into thinking that you are actually seeing things directly in front of you rather than in the mobile. Also, the mobile weighs surprisingly less and pocket-friendly, unlike its same size counterparts.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

This high screen-to-body ratio means that the dedicated home button has been dispensed with. You would also notice that, the fingerprint scanner has been demoted to the back. So here is the warning! If you don’t want your camera to become greasy or smudged when you are in a hurry to unlock the phone while eating some fries, take your time to turn the mobile and place your finger carefully on the sensor which is placed near the camera; a poor decision than announcing that Note 7 will be refurbished and sold! Anyways, the company has compensated this with face recognition and Iris scanning technology which are really cool.

If you are new to a place or if you don’t recognize the landmark near you, do not worry as Samsung’s Bixby will elaborate about it to you when you point your camera at it! Not only that, Bixby is a combination of Google now and can help you in several other areas.
Overall, it looks like the phone will sell out because of its display rather than the features like 12 MP/8MP camera and 3000/3200 mAh batteries but wait for some time before buying it. You never know what happens later!

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