Today the smartwatches are available for all kind of user like Professional, Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Kids as well. So likewise recently S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch is spotted for the Fitness and Aerobics lover. The watch is perfect for the users who do the Aerobics. The watch has received an excellent user review so far. The smart watch is a trusted commodity that you can afford to buy with blind faith on Gearbest.

The best part of the watch is price and features. The S200 smartwatch is available at a very nominal price on GearBest. Talking about the feature it has a lot to offer you, so let’s take a look at them:

The S200 Smartwatch: The Best Smartwatch For Aerobics

The S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch has everything that would make it your first choice to buy it. The latest Bluetooth version allows you to get synchronized with the nearby gadgets without any hassles. It runs on 4.0 Bluetooth versions that you would find in most of the smartwatches and phones floating currently.

Why It Is Best For The Aerobics??

This is one of the most common questions comes in mind, so here we have the answer of that. The S200 watch running on the NRF51822 chipset which is programmed with one of the most high-end software of Aerobics. The software will let you know that how much you need to do the workout and Aerobics to stay fit. It will also calculate the Exercise Timing, Aerobics Timing, and Calories that you have burnt in that time. You can also check you last Five Day workout details, so you will get the best idea of your fitness.

Display & Build Quality

The screen size of the S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch is 1”. It has a round dial that perfectly matches with the female and male gadget geeks. The resolution of the screen is 128×128 with E-ink mode. The Display the E-Ink is the same display which is used in the Amazon Kindel Tablet. Due to E-ink display the battery performances increases. There is no need to light up or Down in Night and Day, the display will automatically adjust the brightness level.

S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch

The watch is available with three color strap which will perfectly suit your personality. It is available in Black, Yello, and Blue. You can also change the strap as per your mood. The watch is also Waterproof and has the IP67 rating.

Storage Capacity

Talking about the storage, S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch might slightly disappoint you on its memory. It has a tiny capacity of 128 kb RAM whereas the ROM of the smartwatch stands for just 32 Kb ROM. However, you can use the smartwatch without any possible problems despite its tiny memory size. It works just fine because of its high-quality processor and machinery.

PowerFull Battery 

S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Since all the smartwatches come with a chargeable battery, S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch has also made it up with its 150 mAh battery power. With just an hour of charging, you can get a huge standby time of 6 days. The E-Ink display will help it to run it long as it can.

Attractive Features

  • Sedentary Reminder: The watch would ping if you keep sitting without any movement for a longer time.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: You would like to have a heart rate monitor to keep your body healthy. Any kind of undesired activity in your heart would be quickly instigated by the S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch
  • Alert Type: Since the S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch has everything like a smartwatch, it can vibrate and remind you of the things that are needed.
  • Waterproof: The watch is featured and sturdy at the same time. You can roughly carry it anywhere and anyway you want. It won’t have any effect of rain or dust over it.
  • Push Notification: Supports all notifications from your phone, you won’t miss anything, just like a typical mobile phone. You can get the notification like Caller ID display, Phone call reminder, Message Reminder, and Alarm.
  • Compatible: The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android Devices.

The overall quality of the S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch is far more than the price tag it owes. At Gearbest, the model is available at a heavy discount because of 19% because of the flash sale. Besides, the watch has pedometer and a sleep monitoring function too. So, if you wish to have a quality smartwatch without spending much, S200 Bluetooth Smartwatch is the thing for you. The watch has already received more than one million orders and is amongst the best watches invented so far at this price range.