The days of spending your Saturdays manual vacuuming your entire home are over. Robot vacuum cleaners are here, and they’re here to stay – making your life easier and saving you time to spend your weekends doing what you want to do.

Deebot vacuum cleaners are the best smart vacuum cleaners on the market. Saving you both time and energy, these vacuum cleaners are an investment – here are the best ones out there right now.

Top 3 Best Deebot Vacuum Cleaners of 2018

1. ECOVACS Deebot-N795 Robot Vacuum-Cleaner

First up we’ve got the ECOVACS Deebot-N795, a modern masterpiece and guaranteed to make cleaning your home easier, faster and, let’s face it, a lot more fun!


This vacuum has Max Mode to increase your cleaning power, and it can also be connected to Alexa or Google Home meaning you can use voice commands to direct the cleaning. The ECOVACS app allows you to customize, schedule and monitor your cleaning.

Custom Cleaning Modes

This Deebot vacuum works great on auto-clean, as well as three custom cleaning modes. Single Room and Spot Mode are great for targeted cleaning, while Edge Mode will get it into those hard to reach corners.

Extra Features

The anti-drop and anti-collision sensors mean damage is unlikely, and the 120-minute battery life lets you sit back and know that the hard work is being done for you.

Finally, this Deebot model comes with a one year warranty, main brush, remote control, and side brushes, as well as excellent customer support.


  • You can use voice commands to direct the cleaning. Modern, convenient and very fun!
  • 3 custom cleaning modes to ensure you don’t miss a spot
  • A good air filtration system to reduce the number of airborne particles in the room
  • Remote control is fun for the kids to use


  • The single room setting doesn’t work in open plan homes where there are no doors between rooms
  • Not recommended for thick rugs or carpets. This vacuum works best on the hardwood and tiled flooring
  • For a smart, effective and efficient Deebot vacuum, the N795 should be your go-to. Control it via your voice or the ECOVACS app, a transform your vacuuming experience.

2. ECOVACS Deebot-N79 Robotic Vacuum-Cleaner

Next on the list is the ECOVACS Deebot-N79, another strong performer and perfect for hard floor or low pile carpets.

Smartphone App controls

At risk of getting too far into a Deebot comparison, let’s say the Deebot N79 performs exceptionally well even when up against the N795. While it doesn’t connect to Alexa like the N795, it does offer smartphone app controls which allows you to schedule and track your cleaning, battery life and any error alerts you receive.

Easy to Use and Safe

This vacuum is to use and intuitive. It’s armed with a full set of anti-collision and anti-drop sensors (meaning it won’t go careering down the stairs!) and has Smart Motion navigation technology. The protective bumper means it won’t damage the furniture if it does have a little collision!

Extra Features

Like the N795, this model has custom cleaning modes including Spot Mode and Edge Mode. It has a good air filtration system, and it works brilliantly on hard floors.

While the features are simpler than the N795, it has great battery life and, for a 1st generation robotic vacuum, ticks all the boxes.


  • Up to 100 minutes of battery life – instant auto-recharge feature
  • Connect to an app to control cleaning schedule, error alerts, and battery life
  • Clears the room of dirt, dust, and debris easily which, let’s face it, is all you need from a vacuum!
  • Smart sensors so you can relax in the knowledge that it won’t tumble down the stairs


  • Needs to be regularly cleaned for maximum effect – so you do still have some work to do!
  • Doesn’t have mapping ability
  • This vacuum doesn’t entirely replace the need for manual cleaning

As a 1st generation smart vacuum cleaner, the Deebot N79 is a great option. With a reliable battery and a bonus air filtration system to keep your home even cleaner, the Deebot N79 is the perfect addition to your home – helping to get your floor sparkling in a fraction of the effort.

3. ECOVACS Deebot-M80 Pro Robot Vacuum-Cleaner

Last on the list we’ve got, the Deebot M80, another strong contender and perfect if you want to get your floor that little bit extra sparkly!

Alexa and Smartphone App Control

Use voice commands to direct the cleaning, or use the intuitive ECOVACS app to select cleaning modes, schedule your cleans and receive error alerts.

5-Stage Cleaning System

The feature that makes the M80 a total stand out? The 5-stage cleaning system. This vacuum has a detachable deep clean brush-roll and mop, as well as a power suction function. This mopping system feature is perfect for getting rid of spills and stains – mopping and drying your floor in a single pass.

Smart Motion Navigation

Like the other Deebot vacuums, this model contains anti-fall and anti-collision sensors to keep your furniture (and your pets!) safe. The Smart Motion navigation will allow the vacuum to seamlessly find its way through your home while you sit back and relax.

3 Bonus Cleaning Modes

Choose from Intense Mode which increases the speed and suction power for those extra stubborn areas, Spot Mode for extra focus on small areas, or Edge Mode to help it get into those hard to reach places.


  • Detachable brush-roll and mop give your home that extra TLC
  • Convenient dustbin design on the top of the vacuum to stop you from spilling it while you empty
  • Use voice commands to control your cleaning
  • Solid and durable. While the anti-collision technology will stop it from crashing, it can certainly take a hit


  • Gets stuck under furniture quite easily and can struggle to maneuver itself out
  • Heavy compared to the other Deebot models
  • Noisy, unlike the other Deebot models which are very quiet The M80 is perfect if your floor needs that little extra attention. The 5-tier cleaning system is efficient and accurate, while the 110-minute battery life means you can sit back and relax while the hard work is done for you.
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