We face the background problem of a picture several times. Sometimes, our pictures come off really nice but the background puts off the mood and dulls the whole picture’s beauty. 

In times and situations like these, we are in desperate need to change the background of an image and hence, we are here to help you with this issue. In this article, you will get 4 ways to remove background from an image on android. 

Through this application, you can change Or remove your particular image’s background. There are two types of mode in this application – Auto and Extract. One is used to erase pixels and the other one is used to erase objects in the image. Moreover, this application is easy to use and gets the work done. 

If you completely want to change your image’s background into a new one which looks aesthetic and great, then this is your way of achieving it. With photo background remover you can design and create your own piece of content and images. Moreover, this app lets you edit those photos easily and beautifully. This application is best for creators, resellers, small businesses, and basically everyone. You can edit your photos or your work wonderfully and shine. 

Sometimes, removing the whole background from an image is not needed. Sometimes, we wish that some specific things were not in that background and only those things could be removed, not the whole background, and in situations like these, this application fits the best. This one here would erase and take away any object, a whole person, some unwanted lines or scratches or something or anything which is unwanted in that background without destroying the background. It is a great app which does a great job.

As the name suggests, this application is a bit dramatic like the name which includes magic and all. Well, not actually magic but you get the point. Using this background eraser/removal app, mobile users can use the magic wand tool so they can remove the background from the photo faster and crop the photo with their Android. 

All you have to do is to select the photo you want, crop as many target faces, characters or objects as possible, choose the magic wand or hand eraser, set the layer you want, erase the background, and then save in one, ‘PNG image’. It is easy to use and works really well. Also, new features are constantly added and updated. 


These were some of the best apps to remove the background from any image on an Android. We hope this article was helpful for you and could make your pictures look more beautiful and creative. As already mentioned in the title, all these apps were available for iOS users only. So, enjoy and be creative. 

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