Since the reliance jio launched its preview offer, It had shaken the whole telecom industry in India. That is the reason that other telecom operators were forced to cut their tariff plans. The Recent report told that “Airtel has reduced its 4G data price up to 80%. What makes this preview offer so much special and excited? For three month free 4G network unlimited data, calls & messaging. Yes, all are totally free for three months. But one more thing that makes this offer so much popular among our youth is the Internet speed the “real speed”.

Reliance 4G launch
Reliance Jio launch

Whoever till the date has experienced the reliance 4g service cannot go without praising it. It would not be wrong to say that whoever got the sim find lucky himself.  In the earlier, this Jio sim was only available with LYF mobile only but with the overwhelmed response of their user company has decided to avail this sim with other handsets also.

What is this preview offer of reliance jio?

Reliance industries has decided to give a preview offer for its valuable customer before launching the reliance jio 4g service all over the India. When you buy a reliance 4g jio sim by any means whether it is through LYF mobile or with any other supported phone. You are eligible for its preview offer. You will get unlimited 4G data, calling & messaging for three months from the day of your activation of the sim. Along with this facility, you also get premium apps jio play, jio on demand, jio money, jio chat and much more.

How to get reliance 4g jio sim ?

Earlier the company has decided to give jio sim along with its preview offer to the reliance employee. But now you can also get this magical sim. There is two legit way for this
1. Buy a LYF Smartphone from any reliance retail and that’s it. LYF is Subsidiaries brand of reliance. It comes into many categories as Earth,wind, water, & Flame. The phones price ranges from 15000 Rs to as low as 2999Rs.

MY LYF WITH JIO SIM                                           My Jio Sim with LYF Flame smartphone
2.  If your Smartphone supports 4G LTE , then you can also avail this offer in near future. Yes, you heard it right. Earlier reliance only gave its preview offer to some selected Smartphones of LG, Samsung, Gionee, lava and Karboon. But with recent reports company has extended this list and now avail with 16 different brands of Smartphone. And there is also a rumor in the market that in coming days company may announce to give this offer to all the 4G-LTE enabled Smart phones.

         Official announcement by Reliance Digital

Fact files of Reliance jio 4g

According to some reports reliance jio user consume an average 18 GB of data per month and you will be surprised to know that industry monthly average consumption is only 150MB.

Commercial launch of Reliance jio 4g

The official commercial launch of the reliance jio 4g in India can happen anytime in the weeks ahead. So it’s better to grab the offer as soon as possible and enjoy the services of reliance jio.

Future and the impact on the business on Reliance Industries

With increasing interested day by day, the future of this 4G service is looking quite bright. According to ‘Morgan Stanley’ the leading merchant banker expects that Reliance jio will generate more than $2 million in revenue and add more than 40 million subscribers in the fiscal year 2017-18.