Samsung is undoubtedly one of the best smartphone and electronics manufacturer making rounds in the digital market.  In fact, it ranks highly in several rankings and categories. But sometimes even giants can slip and fall. And that is what happened for Samsung a few months before. Just when everything was going fine for Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caused an unexpected hurricane when the batteries of those devices started exploding posing a threat to the users. Although the Note 7 was touted as one of the best feature-rich smartphones before the uneventful happenings, Samsung had to call it back due to strong criticism for neglecting user 7 refurbished

Since the recalling of Galaxy Note 7 units, there have been countless rumors about Samsung refurbishing the Note 7 units and launching it for sale. While Samsung initially dismissed the rumors, it has now accepted these rumor to be true. A few days back, Samsung had announced that it will be selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units. In fact, what else can Samsung do with those unsold units if not resell them?Whether or not the timing of the announcement is proper or debatable but the idea of it looks quite promising. However, the refurbishes units will not be available for sale in the US, Canada, and India. So, if you are in any of these countries, forget your Note 7 dreams.

A day or two back, information regarding refurbished Note 7 surfaced from Vietnam. In a series of pictures posted by one user, it appears that the refurbished Note 7 has been made available in Vietnam which is one of the places where Samsung has a manufacturing facility. As such, the refurbished devices look physically identical to the original version. However, there are few notable changes. First, the refurbished model is named Note 7R and the model number has been changed to N935 from the original N930.

samsung 7 refurbished

Perhaps, the biggest change is the battery of the device which caused a stir. The refurbished units seem to come with a battery rating less than that of its original counterpart. The new battery is a 3200mAh battery. From an environmental perspective, reselling Note 7 devices seems to be a good idea- better than dumping it in the dumpster. But no information about price and availability are available yet. However, it is expected that the refurbished units will cost lesser than original Note 7 units without any compromise in quality. Hence, Note 7 dreamers will have a chance to own it in reality. But the risk is entirely yours if you plan to buy one because it all appears good at the start!

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