Forgot Your Mac Password? Here’s How you can get back in


Apple might be the most secure tech-brand, but it also includes some of the easiest backup options in case of emergencies. Often there are some prerequisite rules set by the company that helps make it’s devices foolproof from any unauthorized activities. Whether this is regarding the device or apple accounts, it helps you recover the things you are unable to access on your own for any reason.

In that light, we will help you learn how to unlock macbook pro without password in a few easy steps. It often happens after you have recently changed your password to enhance security, that you yourself forget. This happens because you are used to the older password, so much so that it becomes part of your unconscious mind.

There are ways you can link your account ID in the mac device to your Apple ID that you use in all the apps. With this you should know that recovering your mac device when you forget the password through your Apple ID is available to some limited macOS devices. After you understand the disclaimer, let’s get started on the process.


The first method you have will be easy if you were smart enough to set up the system with FileVault in mind. On all devices with Mac OS X 10.3 and later systems, you can set up a Recovery key as a backup. Whenever you have any such problem of access, you can simply go to the question mark beside your password bar on the login screen and it will show you how to reset using the Recovery key.

Another method using FileVault is resetting the password through the assistant you used when you set up your recovery key. Just wait a while on your login screen without entering anything and it will show you an option to restart in the recovery part. Go to the recovery OS according to the steps they guide you with and reset the password, based on what you chose when you set up the FileVault.

Reset password

You can utilize the Apple ID in more than one way to access your laptop device. This first way helps you reset the password using the Apple ID. Keep in mind, your Apple account has to be connected to the user ID in the device you want to recover.

  1. Start by turning your Mac on, and going to the login screen. After you click on the Account you use, you will see the enter password bar.
  2. Here click on the question mark on the corner of the bar, it will show you a separate pop-up box with further instructions. The pop-up will say reset it using your Apple ID, click on the arrow you find beside it.
  3. Here is how you can tell whether your Apple ID is connected to your account on the Mac. If you have tried more than twice, and no instruction as above appears, it means your account was not synced. This method will not work in that case.
  4. Proceeding after step 3 will take you to a new page to enter your Apple ID and password to confirm your identity.
  5. This will directly take you to change the password for the Mac user account. Make sure you enter a password easy enough to remember and secure enough so nobody can guess it easily. An easy way to do so is to keep a record with you, preferably within your phone (notes app), so that it is with you most of the time.

Another situation apart from forgetting the newly set password is when you are using an old device, or using it after some time. You tend to forget the account and password details. In this case, if you are unable to remember your Apple ID details as well, make sure you head to the Apple website to remedy that. They have a Forgot Apple ID or password that can help you recover that as well.

Recovery mode

Apart from the official method of using your Apple ID, there is also another more discreet method to access a device you have forgotten the password to. It’s not as complicated as people assume, you can follow the steps easily to get it done without much problem.

  1. Instead of turning your Mac on to go to the account login page this time you need to restart the device and press Command and R simultaneously. Hold down both simultaneously until the Apple logo comes on screen.
  2. Here it will take you to a screen with several settings and set up options. Choose Disk Utility from the top. It will give you another subset of options.
  3. From here go to Utilities and then onwards to Terminal. This will bring you to a clear text box type option with the cursor. Enter reset password here, exactly in that manner of all lower case and without space in between. Press enter.
  4. This will start the process to reset password through in-built reset tools in your device. This is a way to change passwords for devices without encrypted accounts.
  5. It will bring you the same option to set a new password and verify it once. Here you can add a password hint if you like, to avoid any future such accounts.

This was our guide on how to unlock macbook pro without password. If you seem to run out of options from any of these, or have an isolated case, check the Apple FAQ page. You will find answers to your questions and guides helping you with it from a consumer’s perspective.