Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 last year with lots of new additional security features. Other than using the same old text password, Windows 10 offers PIN and picture password which are way more safe and secure. Despite the safety factor, using a strong and long password can be complicated sometimes and you may end up forgetting it totally. In addition, if you keep entering the wrong password over and over again then Windows 10 will lock you out for hours before you could try again.

Fortunately, there are 3 awesome solutions to recover lost Windows 10 password which we are about to share in this guide. Please note, that all the methods exposed in this tutorial are working but they are certainly conditional. Read the requirements properly before implementing the solutions. Moreover, we do not recommend formatting your computer as it will totally destroy all the data from your PC.

Solution #1: Reset Windows 10 computer with Command Prompt.

Command Prompt is the oldest and most popular app in Windows computer. What lots of people might not reckon is that Command Prompt can be also used to modify your computer password. But, currently this method only works with local and administrator accounts, so if you are using either of them then follow these steps to reset your Windows 10 password.

Step 1. Insert your bootable Windows 10 disc to PC and restart it.

Step 2. When the login screen appears, press the Shift key on your keyboard 5 times to launch the command prompt window.

Step 3. Type the following command line inside the command prompt window –


Replace Administrator with your computer username and replace “mnbvcxz” with any password of your desire.

recover lost Windows 10 Password

Step 4. Hit enter to execute the program and reboot the computer.

Use the new password to access your system again normally just like before.

Cons –

  • Can’t reset Microsoft account password.
  • Execution of the wrong command may cause data crash.

Solution #2: Change Microsoft Account Password

If you are using an email ID to login to your computer then certainly you have chosen Microsoft account as your default account type. If that’s the case with your PC, then use the following steps to reset your Microsoft account password.

Step 1. Visit and go to the “Forgot Password” page. This is the official website to reset Microsoft account password.

Step 2. Choose “I Forgot My Password” and click on next to continue.

recover lost Windows 10 Password

Step 3. Enter your Microsoft account email and go to the next page.

recover lost Windows 10 Password

Step 4. Finally, enter a new password for your account twice and apply the changes.recover lost Windows 10 Password

Now, restart your computer and use this new password to use your computer again.

Cons –

  • Doesn’t work with local or administrator accounts.
  • Resetting Microsoft account password will automatically change the passwords of all the existing services of Microsoft used by you.

Solution #3: Reset Windows 10 password with a Professional Password Reset Program

If you are not a computer expert and want to learn the easiest way to reset Windows login password then using iSeePassword– Windows Password Recovery Pro has to be the most elegant and ecstatic way to accomplish that job.

What is iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro?

It is one the finest and well-known program which is used to completely destroy the password from a locked computer. It doesn’t matter how strong and secure password you have used to protect your computer, Windows password reset tool can totally remove your password from the system. Basically, it will help you to create a password reset disk with your flash drive or CD/DVD that you will further use to unlock your PC.

Salient benefits of Windows password recovery tool –

  • Bypass passwords from all kind of Windows computers such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 and so on.
  • Works with all type of password including PIN, picture, and Microsoft and text passwords.
  • Compatible with all hard disk formats such as FAT32, NTFS, IDE, SATA, UEFI, etc.
  • The latest version of iSeePassword can even remove password from root and domain users.
  • Friendly support available all the time.

How to use iSeePassword to unlock Windows 10 computer?

Well, it very simple and straight-forward and you can unlock your Windows 10 PC by following the below steps –

Step 1. Install Windows Password Recovery tool on a working accessible computer and open it after finishing the installation process.

recover lost Windows 10 Password

Step 2. Create a password reset disk in 2 ways using flash drive or CD/DVD. Simply click on “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” and your password reset disk is successfully made.recover lost Windows 10 Password

Step 3. Quickly, insert the password reset disk on your original computer that you want to unlock and reboot using your flash drive. Wait until the Windows password recovery program appears on the home screen. Now, only select the Windows version that you are using and the targeted username that is currently password-protected.recover lost Windows 10 Password

Finally, click on “Reset Password” and reboot your computer. Voila! No more password is required to log in to your PC.

Conclusion –

In this guide, we have shown the most favored ways to recover lost password for Windows 10 computer. Please remember that iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery works with every Windows operating system including Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista and even with old Windows servers. If you have any query regarding the tool then feel free to contact the support to get earliest assistance.

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