Android smartphones hold a very significant place in our lives. After all, they help to keep in touch with your friends and families as well as it is one of the great entertainment media. Messaging and chatting with the latest Android smartphones has been drastically improved, it allows you to send and receive pictures, voice mails, and even videos. So, even the idea of losing these valuable messages would be very scary and dreadful.

Although there are many solutions to back up your data there is always a probability of losing your data without any reason. Accidents may happen anytime and even with the slightest mistouch can delete messages from your Android phone forever. Also, there are chances of losing messages and other data if you forget your Android phones password or factory reset it or even system crash can cause data deletion.

There are many reasons why your messages can get deleted but the only thing that matters right now is how to recover them and that is exactly what Androidphonesoft Android Data Recovery offers.

This program gives you the solution to every data loss issues on your Android smartphone. Regardless how you lost the messages or other data, this utility can recover your precious messages, photos, contacts and other personal data back that you can’t live without. If you accidentally lose any beneficial data then don’t get disheartened, as Android Data Recovery is developed to retrieve your data back. We will show you how to use this program to recover your data in the most practical way.

How does it work?

Androidphonesoft Android Data Recovery offers to recover different types of data and it considers every possible situation that may cause data loss. You may have lost the messages due to factory reset or failed software update or system crash or water damaged it or many other reasons.It can even restore messages if you deleted them accidentally by yourself.

Procedure to Recover Deleted SMS on Android phones

For a successful SMS restoration, it is required to install Androidphonesoft Android data recovery utility on your computer Windows or Mac computer. If you already have the program installed then follow these below steps to recover the deleted messages.

Step 1. Connect the Android Device

How to recover deleted SMS on Android

Android Data Recovery runs on the desktop computer, so it is necessary to connect your Android to PC first. Once you have done this, your phone should appear on the program screen indicating it has been successfully connected.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging Mode

How to recover deleted SMS on Android

For a guaranteed recovery, you must enable USB debugging mode so that the program can scan your internal memory deeply. To enable USB debugging mode, all that is required to do is to go to your phone’s Settings and from the Developer options, you will be able to see the USB debugging mode. Simply activate it by tapping on it once.

Step 3. Recover Deleted SMS

Let the program know what kind of data you want to recover. In this case, Messages, so simply check on messages from the data type menu and start scanning your Android smartphone.

recover deleted SMS on Android

The scanning process is done very thoroughly and which is why this part may take some time. You should wait patiently and it is guaranteed that your patience will be worth at the end. When the scanning is done, you should see all the messages that are deleted from your phone under the Messages folder. Now, tick all the messages that you want to recover and finally, click on “Recover” to store them on your system hard disk.

recover deleted SMS on Android

That’s how simple Android Data Recovery is. Only 3 easy steps and you recover the memorable lost messages.So, even if you are a new computer user and never used any data recovery software before then also you will be able to restore data from your phone without any hassle. Additionally, it is free to try, so we will recommend that you at least install the trial version and we are pretty sure you will be happy to buy a license when you see how effective and powerful tool it is. If you have any questions and queries then do share it with us in the comments section so that we can answer them immediately for you.