Faxing is now not what it used to be in the past days. It has experienced quite some major changes in recent times, and hence the concept of faxes has evolved with the progressing time and technology.

Massive fax machines were once a major part of faxing, they were the only way to fax. Furthermore, there was also a need for preserving paper and toner which was to be put into the fax machines in order to fax.

However, the advanced faxing techniques no longer have the need for such unrealistic and ‘time and effort consuming’ necessities. So, without any second thought, you can throw away your fax machines because we assure you that you will not be needing them ever again.

You might be wondering if fax machines, paper, and toner, etc. are not needed then what else is needed? Well, not much is needed. Just a good internet connection and a few other things (they will be discussed later). However, faxing through the net has been achievable only through online fax services.

Online Fax Service – An Intro

Online fax service is compulsory for online faxing. If you are a little familiar with how faxes work then you might have an idea that faxes travel through telephone lines that use analog signals. On the other hand, the internet is a digitized medium. You might be as well aware of the fact that these two different types of signals cannot operate together.

Hence, for the steady flow of information between these two media, an effective solution like a fax service is required. This fax service has its place between fax and the internet and therefore works just like an interpreter that translates their work.

An online fax service allows you to send and receive faxes with complete ease and convenience. While there are tons of fax services that are available for the purpose, it turns out to be quite tough to hit upon the perfect one as the internet is flooded with scams nowadays.

In this guide, you will the perfect fax solution that lets you receive faxes without any difficulty or trouble.

CocoFax – All You Need For Online Faxing

CocoFax is the best free fax online to help the world with faxing. You can utilize CocoFax to receive free fax online. When faxing was fading away and people were leaving it due to its difficulty to use, CocoFax stepped in to make faxing a lot easier and hence increase the number of its clients.

In reality, CocoFax’s works have gotten profound respect from some big news sources like Forbes, Toms Guide, Android Authority, the New York Times, TechRadar, and so on.

With some top tier fax benefits that it gives, CocoFax has become a celebrated name among the faxing market and in this way is used by a large number of individuals. Some big firms also make use of CocoFax’s incredible services to send and receive faxes through the internet.

CocoFax provides convenience as well as quality. When you are using CocoFax, it does not matter where you are because you can send faxes from any place. The same is the case with getting faxes. All things considered, accepting faxes is significantly less complex than sending them on the off chance that you pick CocoFax’s fax services.

For CocoFax, the simplicity and practicality of its customers is the principle need and accordingly, CocoFax grants you to use its faxing highlights on whatever gadget you may like. And furthermore, you are not confined to only one method for sending or accepting faxes, there are more than one different ways to do as such.

Prerequisites for Receiving Faxes by means of CocoFax

In the good old days, faxing was a troublesome task. Sending just as getting faxes was an issue. Additionally, there was a danger of losing faxes. On the off chance that your machine is not working, at that point, the faxes sent to your fax number around then were lost since they had no spot to be spared.

You were just ready to get faxes if your machine was turned on and was in working request. This was a major issue since keeping the machine constantly on was bizarre and expended a great deal of time.

Be that as it may, with CocoFax, things are distinctive as its primary objective is to furnish its clients easily and with convenience. You need some straightforward things and afterward, you are prepared to get a fax from wherever on the planet.

1)  A Well-established Internet Connection

Web-based faxing, in the case of sending or accepting faxes, requires a web association. So you should ensure that the gadget that you are utilizing to fax, PC or cellphone, must be associated with the web. Without a web association, internet faxing won’t be conceivable. Want to send fax from the computer? You can check this post >>

2)  CocoFax Account

In the event that you wish to get faxes through the web utilizing the services given by CocoFax then you should have a CocoFax account. Making a CocoFax account is very basic. Simply visit the CocoFax site and adhere to the directions for joining.

Here is another treat, you find an entire month of faxing thoroughly free by benefiting the 30-day free trial.

Get Faxes through CocoFax Online Dashboard

One approach to send and get faxes is through the easy-to-understand dashboard that it gives. Here we will confine our conversation to simply getting faxes.

At the point when a fax is sent to your fax number, it will straightforwardly come to CocoFax(only in the event that you are registered with it) where it will be put away onto the dashboard. At whatever point you sign in to your CocoFax account and open the dashboard, all your received faxes will show up before you.

You won’t lose any faxes that were sent to you when you were not signed in. All your faxes will be saved on the dashboard.

Get Faxes through Email

Another proficient method to get faxes is through your email. While joining, you will be asked to give an email(Gmail or some other) id. This is with the goal that you get all your faxes on email as well.

It is an exceptionally helpful method as email is well known in this cutting-edge time. Faxing joined with email is an exceptionally powerful and valuable item.


How it functions is that CocoFax gets all the faxes first. It, at that point, makes an interpretation of them into a format perfect with email. At that point, these email-turned faxes are sent to your email address. You can, without much of a stretch, access them under the Inbox tab.


CocoFax is perhaps the most ideal approach to get faxes online at a much less cost. It is the ideal answer for all your faxing issues. You will definitely have a pleasant encounter faxing with it.

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