Technological changes have also altered the way of worship. People are now more interested towards the visual worship aids, which were not available a couple of years ago. Eyes that used to be down in respect are now looking up on the video walls or wall-projected contents. On the other hand, churches are also on the verge of making themselves better by incorporating advanced gadgets and items to make the worship easy and enjoyable. One of such additions is flexible led screen that enables leaders to feature customized text, images and videos to inspire attendants.

If you are still not convinced with why to install church LED wall, here are top reasons to take into consideration:

  1. Affordability

The prices of LED video walls have been decreased quite significantly but are still 15 to 20% high as compared to projection. Even, the replacement cost of projector bulb or any other part is thousands of dollars whereas, for an LED video panel, repair or replacement of the bulb or panel is quite pocket friendly. In other words, the LED panels are way better than projection.

This LED display screen is even better than LCD because the video wall cost division is fixed at 110 inches. For this dimension, an LED video panel cost is comparable to LCDs and if the size is bigger than 180 inches, the pricing will be reasonable as compared to static display technology.

  1. Energy Efficient

When it comes to enjoying a longer life span of lighting system, an LED video panel turns out to be superior than LCD displays and projectors. Not only can it brighten up the whole area but is also worth the money you have invested. LEDs pride themselves for consuming 40 to 50% less energy but emit a significant amount of heat during the process.

You might find it rational to focus on the upfront cost in a projection system; but, when it comes to churches, they have to choose such options that can offer substantial saving without compromising on the productivity.

  1. Efficient for Congregants

While using traditional projections, churches might see lack of brightness in the area. Attendants would be unable to read easily, thereby not getting the message hidden within the content. On the other hand, LED video panels pride themselves for having the best picture quality. It is measured in nits while for traditional projection, Lux is used to measure brightness level.

The fine-pitch brightness level for an LED video panel should be at least 300 nits and can go up to 800 nits. With that being said, there is no need to install them at dark areas; these video panels are capable of working even under ambient lighting conditions. So, if a church contains ambient light most of the day, LED display screens can get the job done efficiently.

Now, if a church wants to increase black level in the background or brightness of white shade, then nothing could be better than LED video panels. They have higher brightness and can even enhance black shade since the screen consists of black LEDs, which works better as compared to projection because it has white background.

  1. Long Life

LED video panels are way better than projectors. They pride themselves for being 2 to 3 times efficient and reliable than projectors. A projector lasts for 3 to 5 years with lighting engines and light bulb replacements. Whereas, LED panels have a workable life of 11.5 years or 100,000 hours.

Projectors work with single lighting source while church LED wall panels have millions of self-emitting diodes to carry out the work.

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