The Sports betting industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years. Technological advancements made it possible for punters to bet online.. The sports betting apps do not work in isolation; punters on Betway also need other apps to help them in their betting endeavors. If you are a sports fan, these are five of the best sports apps you must have. However, mobile sports betting has taken the industry’s growth to another level

Bleacher Report

If you want to get the latest sports news and updates on your mobile phone, this is your app. With this app, you can follow your favorite team to avoid missing out on any breaking news. The app comes with several unmatched features, including:

  • Ability to personalize the services in favor of your preferred team.
  • It will bring you the latest developments and scores.
  • Fans can have carousels of their preferred teams on the app’s home screen.
  • You can read articles by top sportswriters.

CBS Sports

If you bet on sports on online sportsbooks like Betway, this app will come in handy. CBS Sports app is one of the top apps for tailored updates on scores, match analysis, and team stats. You can also stream live sports events lie NCAA Baseball and the PGA Tour. Some of the app’s unique features include:

  • You will receive personalized updates.
  • Punters will get betting advice from experts.
  • You can also get on-demand highlights for your preferred games.
  • The app offers 24/7 sports news streaming.


This is another top of the range sports app. The app covers about 25 sports. With this app, you can enjoy live sports coverage and score updates. Fans will also receive timely updates on their favorite teams and player ratings. The following features make this app unique:

  • You can synchronize it with your android wear smartwatches.
  • It has a chat option.
  • It offers teams’ season stats.
  • The app has quizzes to make your interaction more immersive.

BBC Sport

Many fans regard BBC Sports as a top sports app. It is known for providing the latest news updates, live score updates, and detailed game highlights. You wouldn’t worry about your data security as the app made enhancements in its privacy protocols. Some of the app’s unique features include:

  • Fans can stream live sports events and on-demand highlights.
  • If you have Chromecast, you can stream live games and highlights on the TV.
  • It allows you to share stories with friends.
  • You can personalize the “My Sport” page.

MSN Sports

If you are a punter on Betway and would like to receive real-time updates on your chosen sports events, MSN Sports is your app of choice. The app will give you access to more than 150 leagues and will let you follow many teams. These features make this app very unique:

  • It allows its users to follow their favorite teams and leagues.
  • It provides prompt updates on the latest scores.
  • You will also love the post-match analysis and video highlights.
  • The app also provides information on sports events’ venues.

Final thoughts

As a sports fan, you need a sports app that will provide the latest news on your team. You also need to get pre-match and post-match analysis if you wager on sports. Therefore, you can install at least two of the apps mentioned above to get the best from each.

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