The smartband are more trending than the smartwatch, and why not because they are cheaper and more durable, portable. Out there are many smart brands are available. QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband is one of them. The band can perform a lot of functions even you will never miss the Smartwatch with it. Let’s take a look at the features and functions which will attract you to buy this.

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband

Gearbest offers the latest and tending QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband for just $14.99. The discount offered by Gearbest if for whopping 18 %. It is much much cheaper as compared to the competitors of Gearbest. You can own this QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband by paying just $14.99. The best part is that this Smart Wristband is Android and iOS Compatible too. It has other attractive colors like black, coffee, blue.

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QS80 Smart Wristband Review: Best Hear Rate and Blood Pressure Wristband

Build Quality & Design

The wristband is designed wonderful in curvy shapes to perfectly fit on your wrist. You will have zero sense of wearing which you are working, sleeping or gaming. It is a perfect partner for comfortable life. The overall weight of is 0.0170 kg. 1.79 x 0.79 inches is the dail size with 9.69 x 0.79 inches band size. The only available shape of the smart wristband is a rectangular shape and the band material is made from TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethane).

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband has an attractive OLED screen with touch key. This wristband comes with 0.42 inch OLED screen and has a perfect resolution of 120 x 120 px. Which makes it more accessible and stylish at the same time.

Hardware & Memory

This smart watch has a Built-in chip type of  NRF51822, it also supports Bluetooth 4.0 version. The best part about QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband is that it is waterproof with 32KB of ROM. It has an IP rating of IP67.

QS80 Smart Wristband Review

The QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband comes with RAM of 64KB and ROM of 32KB. The memory is not a big issue in smartband but still, this band has a decent memory for you. Talking about the running time, I mean Battery QS80 Wristband operates on Lithium-ion Battery with a capacity of 70mAh. It has as charging time of About 60mins with 15-20 days as total standby time.

Simple and Easy to Use

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband

If you wish to brighten the screen or just to look at the in case if you have any notification then you need to simply lift your wrist or turn over your wrist. The Display will automatically awake. There are no difficult settings to be followed or you have to touh on the display.

Multi Languages Support

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband is very versatile it supports both Android and iOS. It is available in languages like English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Polish, Chinese etc. So, you can choose any language you want.

Compatible OS

The stylish  QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband provides complete compatibility with android version 4.3 and also to iOS 8.0 and above system with ease. The device will perform seamlessly with the both Android & iOS.

Download the App iOS Users:

[appbox appstore 1020887419?mt=8 screenshots]

The QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband has an app for added functionality. You need to search for Fundo Bracelet in the App Store or Google Play store in order to download the app. The app will keep the record of your data, which will help you to analyze your health. To Download the app for Android Users: 

[appbox googleplay com.szkct.fundobracelet&hl=en screenshots]

Attractive Functions

The wristband has several functions like Functions, messaging, tracking health. You can also receive notification of WhatsApp on your wrist. In addition to it, you can set an alarm as per your choice. The alert type can be either ring or vibration.

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband is a perfect companion for all the fitness freak. It is a great tool to monitor heart rates, it has an addition feature of optical heart rate monitoring functionality. The Band can also measure the Blood Pressure of the users. The accuracy of the band is very impressive. It will tell you exactly the right info about your health.

Features Can Perform with Band

Health Monitor

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband

This stylish wristband will work as a great device to monitor your heart rate and sleep status. It is a friendly device which is concerned about your health. It can be used as a device to monitor health.

Blood Pressure Measure

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband

Another added advantage of this QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband is that it keeps your heart and wrist at the same height. It can help to monitor the blood pressure.

Call / SMS Remind

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband has a smart feature which will help to remind you with vibration when there is an incoming call or message. It will make sure you don’t miss any information.

Setup An Alarm

Yes, now you don’t need your smartphone to set up the alarm. You can just use the band to do that. The band also have the Vibration and Ring mode for notifying you. So, it will also wake you.

Replace and Choice Option

QS80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband provides full opportunity if you want to replace the wristband as per your choice. You can choose the one which matches your personality. The band comes into the four Color as black, Coffee, Blue, Orange. You can also choose as per your mood or feeling. The band is crafted with careful workmanship inside. The best and soft material is used to fit the skin.


The band has all the feature which can help you improve your health along with that you can also get the experience of the smartwatch. It has all the perfectly used data optimizing software algorithm to provides quality and accurate results. In short, you can easily measure life’s length in a simple walk. This device S80 Heart Rate Smart Wristband is a great tool for healthy life.

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