Gaming is a multi-billion dollar global industry and as such there are so many opportunities to make money yourself online in gaming. There are many different ways to do this and you don’t necessarily need to be working in coding, design or even marketing in the industry to be able to earn. Just a passion for gaming and a willingness to get ahead can help you here.

Professional E-Sports

If we are looking at making money then why not start at the top. E-sports is competitive gaming for prize money and it’s not small-time anymore, for example, there is a $33 million prize money pot for a current tournament and this rivals most traditional professional sports making it no laughing matter. But like most sports, everyone has to start somewhere and there are much smaller tournaments with more modest prize funds where anyone can start off and build a reputation. You can pick your game, such as League of Legends, Call Of Duty, Fifa, etc. etc. the list is long.

Games Tester

My mother used to say that I was wasting my life playing video games when I should have been learning life skills that would land me a job. But, do you know what? Playing games can be a job, every software developer needs testers to try out every eventuality in games before release and ensure all bugs are found and rectified. Also, it’s not a minimum wage dead-end job, a full-time tester can expect a median wage of around $73,000 per annum.

Developing & Selling Character Profiles & Accounts

People pay top dollar for user accounts in various online games, it’s easier for some to buy a ready-made profile with attributes already built up. There are various sites that you can buy and sell accounts on, but there are many which are unreliable and sell only garbage accounts or rip off their customers while others such as Unranked Smurfs have a good track record.

Paid To Play Mobile Games

We are used to getting apps for free on our smart-phones these days, but are you aware that you can actually be paid to play certain games? This can come in the form of vouchers for stores or even real cash, but it’s true and if you are a phone gamer then why not as you’re going to be playing anyway so why not cash in a bit as well?

Guides, Tutorials & YouTube Channel

If you are an expert at figuring out tricky games then why not share that knowledge, but at the same time make a bit of extra money? If you publish guides and tutorials on your own website then you can make money by selling advertising space on the site, and this can even be done almost automatically through Google Adwords. Or if you have the skills to put together video guides then make some walkthroughs online with a YouTube channel and make some cash that way.

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