If you’re looking to expand your knowledge and skills in data analysis and earn a credible certification that will prove your skills to potential employers, Cisco CCNA is the best option for you. If you’ve decided to advance on this professional path, do keep reading to find out how to prepare for the required exam and what advantages the badge will provide you with. Now, let’s start with a short overview of the certification track.


What Is GAIQ?

The Cisco CCNA Individual Qualification, or GAIQ, is a credential that will equip you with the knowledge to use the sophisticated Cisco CCNA tool efficiently. It is free to take its corresponding courses and the test itself.

Speaking of the assessment, it gives you one and a half hours to complete 70 questions that are provided in the multiple-choice format as well as true/false. To get a pass status, you need to achieve a mark of at least 80%.


Benefits of Getting GAIQ Certification

First and foremost, you will get a nice piece of paper to frame and hang in your wall to add some color to your house. But seriously, this is a great accreditation to have than not to have because although being free, it ensures you gain the most up-to-date skills and will receive a decent remuneration for your competence. You can show off your achievement on LinkedIn to net in potential employers too.

“Big data” and “data CCNA” are buzzwords nowadays and you can see why. Since there’s a demand for people with such skills, being an experienced CCNA user can help you land a good job in a market where the supply of talented individuals is much lower compared to the need for them.


GAIQ Exam: How to Prepare?

Good preparation is what makes the difference between passing the test with flying colors and failing miserably and having to retake the exam. For this certification, you’ve got a whole Cisco CCNA Academy that offers some learning modules to learn the ins and outs of digital CCNA. These are two courses recommended by Cisco to enroll in when preparing for the GAIQ assessment:


  • Cisco CCNA for Beginners
  • Advanced Cisco CCNA

There are numerous other study options that you can utilize to receive all the needed information. Be sure to use the YouTube channel of Cisco CCNA too, if you prefer visual learning. You can also refer to third-party platforms that have great materials to take advantage of every opportunity available.

Magic in Dumps

However much you prepare yourself with tutorials, lecture videos, and so on and so forth, you’re bound to get anxious during the real exam. And it’s natural for this nervousness to cause a loss of focus, resulting in you performing badly. This is exactly why it is important that you accustom yourself to something closest to the real testing environment by making use of dumps.


Dumps offer you an insight into what type of questions were asked in the past GAIQ assessments and train you to complete all the tasks within the given time limit making the least number of mistakes possible. Also, due to detailed score reports, you’ll be able to identify the areas you lack knowledge in to focus on them more before the big day.



GAIQ is a certification you should have in your toolset if you’re interested in improving your career in digital CCNA. But before attempting the exam, be sure to try out a few dumps to better prepare yourself for this challenge. Go through the required courses, do your best during revision, and pass the exam with no effort!

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