Do you remember the Apple Presentation, or simply any of Jobs presentation? Every fan of Apple was looking forward to it. The point of his presentations was exactly the same as any other business – to sell, make people believe that this product is the one they need. If you are a user of Bloomberg, you can revise the material published in 2008 about the Jobs presentation skills and frameworks. Nevertheless, it is applicable not only for product sphere.

Any type of information you would like to share should be presented in the way which shows people an intangible value of what you are saying (if it is an accompaniment for your public speech). Big presentations give us the idea how the perfect presentation should look like. They do not try to impress you with extraordinary personally-made design, moreover, a good presentation can be created by using a ready: Power Point Presentation 

so if you got the idea, personal design (especially if you are not a profy of it) is not essential, because it does not work both for you and on your viewer. Thought, your personality is. While presenting something a few things work on your audience and the first one is definitely a speaker.

Why is Speaker’s Personality So important?

It is about trust and enchantment. Speaker is the one who is trusted. He is an expert in his field possessing a good personal experience. You will not listen to the person talking about “How to earn your first million” if he did not achieve that. It is about real achievements and successful experience, hence you believe and stay involved.

Confidence is Important

The key of confidence during some public presentation is laid in the speaker awareness of the subject he is talking about. He should be 100% sure about each slide in his presentation, that the data is correct and it bares relevant information. Each slide should seem something, it cannot be put just on your preference. If a slide does not bear some meaningful information, or it is put just to fulfill presentation, erase it.

Simplicity – Is a Treasure

In the world full of unnecessary stuff, try to be concise and simple. Saying about complicated things in simple words is the best you can give your views. Our brain tends to avoid a lot of data and skip illogical one. So, building sophisticating diagrams showing 100-row tables is not a good idea indeed.

Use Images Instead of Words

It does not mean using images only, but too much text is perceived less effectively than a few pictures. Once I listen to an economics lecture accompanied by a presentation. What was my surprise when I heard it comprised of 100 slides. 100 slides! There were a lot of pictures and quick graphs, so they fitted 10-second timing each. Though the presentation counted such a number of slides, it was not boring and I did not feel like a squeezed lemon. If your presentation has data that would be easier understood if it was graphically presented on the map, there are many tools that can help you with that. For example, you could use Maptive and create a detailed Google map which will help you visualize all of the location data. 


To be a presentation king-like ‘Jobs’ is next to impossible. Though, being an interesting speaker is likely achievable!

Founder, editor, and contributor at Technosoups. Shubham has been a gadget freak since longer than he cares to admit and loves everything to do with technology. He loves to address tech issues​es and write tech how-to's in a way that it can be followed by everyone.