It’s no secret the world of vaping has significantly boomed in product volume and quality over the past few years, with both desktop and portable vaporizers becoming more advanced with each new release. However, if you’re relatively new to the scene and aren’t sure which is the best option, it can feel intimidating and confusing knowing precisely which vaporizers to spend your money on. 

However, the fact is there’s simply no type that’s inherently ‘better’ than the other – it all depends on what your preferences are. Identifying what kind of vaper you are is crucial to ensuring you make the right choice, as there are multiple pros and cons with both portable and desktop options. 


If you see yourself being the type of vaper to enjoy taking hits on-the-go without being confined to your home space, a portable vape is definitely going to be your ideal choice – it’s a no brainer! The primary difference between desktop and portable vaporizers is size, with desktop vapes being specifically designed to be stationary and plugged into a wall. 

But with the vast majority of portable vaporizers being pocket-friendly and easy to carry around, they offer far more convenience and accessibility when out and about. 

Battery Life

As mentioned, desktop vapes require a mains plug socket to function, meaning they don’t rely on disposable batteries or charging systems. Able to withstand a virtually endless session time with no restraints or worries regarding battery life, desktop options will be able to last for however long you need them to. 

However, portable vapes like the ones at simply can’t provide the same degree of longevity and session security, as they inevitably must rely on batteries to gain their power. And if you’re craving a longer session and find you don’t have any spare batteries or your charging cable with you, you could end up feeling very frustrated. 

So, if you’re not too bothered about endless session freedom, portable options will likely still suffice. But if you want to avoid having to rely on batteries at all costs, a desktop vaporizer is your only option. 

Quality of Vapour & Control

Across many recent years, desktop vaporizers were widely considered to be the best in terms of vapor quality and experience control. Often possessing larger heating chambers and a vast array of settings able to be customized, quality desktop vapes are almost guaranteed to provide first-rate, flavorful vapor every time. 

However, just because portable vaporizers offer slightly less control and smaller heating vessels, this doesn’t mean your experience is guaranteed to be ‘worse’. Vaping technology is constantly advancing, with many portable options such as the Storz and Bickel’s Mighty providing truly impressive performance and vapor quality – enough to rival desktop alternatives. 

So, whilst it’s generally true desktop vaporizers offer superior vapor and performance, conducting just a little research is likely to reveal some of the best portable options, allowing you to experience convenient on-the-go vaping without feeling forced to sacrifice overall quality. 

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