What is Pomodoro?

Pomodoro simply can be defined as a time-management technique. After digging a little, I came to know that “Francesco Cirillo” developed the Pomodoro Technique in the late 1980s. Pomodoro itself is an Italian word, meaning tomato.

What is Pomodoro

Initially, the Pomodoro technique was used with tomato shaped timers with a total time duration of 25 minutes. There were some steps stated by Francesco Cirillo as the six steps of Pomodoro Techniques:

  1. Decide what task you want to complete.
  2. Fix the Pomodoro timer to a particular time limit (traditionally to 25 minutes).
  3. Until the timer rings keep working in that task.
  4. As soon as the timer rings, put a tick mark on a piece of paper.
  5. If you have less than four checkmarks left on your task menu, take a small break (3–5 minutes), then continue to step 2.
  6. After four Pomodoro are over, take a long break (15–30 minutes), re-arrange your checkmark count to zero, then repeat step 1.
Pomodoro technique nowadays is used by various developers, writers, teachers, managers, lawyers and various other people with different work profiles.

Need of Pomodoro App?

Need of Pomodoro App

Why do we need such thing as Pomodoro technique, what is the use of it? Well, in simple words as we stated before time management. We need Pomodoro for time management. Time is a difficult entity in itself when it comes to managing it.  Most of us often play Olympics with it while meeting our daily deadlines. While there already were many management techniques and applications present on the internet, I found Pomodoro the most efficient and fun way to manage time.

Time if managed efficiently leads us to more fruitful destinations. The benefits of time-management are enormous. Some of them are listed as follows:

  1. Much more efficient workflow.
  2. Much productive work time.
  3. Less stress for the deadlines.
  4. New and Higher opportunities to achieve career goals.
  5. Much better work quality.
  6. A reputed professional career and better future possibilities.

Time management thus helps a being in many different ways. Failing to manage time, however, can lead to disasters at work or in life.

Why Pomodoro only?

So most of you might be thinking “There already are so many time management techniques, why should we use Pomodoro above them all? What makes Pomodoro different from other management techniques“.The simple answer is obviosly it is efficiency.

Why Pomodoro only

What are the key points that make Pomodoro extraordinary? Well, we have them here as follows:

  1. It is very easy to understand and use to anyone. So not much of brains required.
  2. Using Pomodoro will help you see your productivity boost. Much faster than other management techniques out there.

In Pomodoro, the time is broken down into several intervals. Usually, 25 minutes is the total length of a work session. Each interval then is divided into tasks or is allocated to different tasks. Thus managing time with every interval in an easy way, a timer runs alongside the broken parts, and it rings every time an interval is over.

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How do I install it on my Device?

Various software applications inspired by Pomodoro technique are available as both free and paid applications, supporting all type of platforms and architecture. The user-interface and customization, however, varies from application to application. We will go through the application providers and installation procedures below.

Different platforms and operating systems require a different method of installation. Speaking of detailed and point-to-point steps to install the Pomodoro timer on any desired platform is presented next. Follow the instructions and steps according to your Operating System as follows:

Note: If you do not know about your operating system or want to find your operating system’s name, follow this link: http://whatsmyos.com/

install on linux system

Installation  for Android platforms

Android, a powerful and robust OS in itself, provides a very hassle-free way to install Pomodoro and various other applications. Android Users can directly install Pomodoro application from Google play store.

A variety of applications with interactive design and light size are available there. I found “Pomodoro Timer” app developed by BitLink nice and elegant. The application has a quality user interface, and the flow is quite smooth. The best of all, it is free of cost.

Download Pomodoro APP for Android

You can install “Pomodoro Timer” developed by BitLink through this link –


Installation on MacOS and Windows Operating Systems

Coming next to MacOS and Windows, though both of the operating systems are different from each other, I found a common source for Pomodoro. Mac & Windows users can use “Tomighty” – A free desktop timer for the Pomodoro Technique developed by Célio Cidral Junior. Just like the app for Android, this desktop application also has a quality interface and smooth flow. It also is free of cost and open source.

One can download the installation setup for it using the link provided below:

MacOS – https://github.com/tomighty/tomighty-osx/releases/download/1.2/Tomighty-1.2.dmg?q=hello+world+1

Windows – https://storage.googleapis.com/google-code-archive-downloads/v2/code.google.com/tomighty/tomighty-0.7.1-install.exe?w=hello+world+1

To install the downloaded Tomighty setup follow the below instructions:

  1. Double click the setup to start the installation.
  2. Follow the instructions and Voila, Pomodoro Timer is installed.

Installation on Linux Operating Systems

At last, we will install Pomodoro on Linux operating systems, with a variety of choices here. I found Gnome Pomodoro to be perfect for Linux OS. Gnome Pomodoro developed by Kamil Prusko. Just like Tomighty, Gnome Pomodoro is also an open-source application.

One can download it for free. It has a minimal interface, and it is very light-weight and optimized tool. When it comes to working alongside the power of Linux as a time-management application, nothing will beat Gnome Pomodoro for now.

To install Pomodoro, open terminal and run the following command.

Sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-Pomodoro

You are all set to manage your time.

For more detailed information, visit following links :

Pomodoro Technique – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique

GnomePomodoro – http://gnomepomodoro.org/

Bitlink – http://seferdemir.com/

Google PlayStore – https://play.google.com/store?hl=en

Pomodoro for Windows/MAC – http://tomighty.org/

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