If the poet in you needs to have a tool where his creativity can be pictured, then you will definitely love these 8 amazing poetry apps for iOS and Android. 

Not only for aspiring or talented ports but for real poetry lovers, these 8 apps have what you want. 

Although today, you find poetry on all Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, the real essence of the poems can only be found with the real creators. 

Best Poetry Apps For iOS And Android

This is why here are the best 8 poetry apps if you are looking to find, write, read or learn about poetry – 

Poems – Poets & Poetry in English 

This app has a database of thousands of amazing poems from 300+ poets throughout the world. If you try to convert the app into numbers, you’ll find 35000+ popular poems to win your heart. 

The app runs without the internet and gives you access to an ocean of poems in a fast and responsive interface making it a poetry powerhouse. Poems - Poets & Poetry in EnglishSearch a poet or a poem, bookmark your favorite ones, and even share them with your friends, all of that without using the internet. 

Plus, the best part – Is FREE! 

Download For Android & iOS

Poetry Magazine

For poetry, this application has everything you can ask for. Especially, if you follow the POETRY foundation, you will love this app. 

You have access to a huge catalog of poems from all the top poets around the world with both classic and contemporary styles. 

Although it is a paid app, if you have the passion and the taste for authentic poetry, you won’t regret paying the amount. POETRY - The Poetry Foundation

The poem library for paid subscribers is all the more enormous. 

You can search poems by poet name or by the poem name, share the poems you like on Facebook and Twitter, and even save your favorite ones in the app itself. 

Download For Android & iOS 

Poetry Magnets 

Poetry Magnet is the best helper to you on your way up the poetry mountain. This application available for both iOS and Android helps you out to strengthen your sentence formation and evolve your skills over poem writing. 

The interface adds to the convenience and assists you in creating some very best and creative poems. There is a consolidated list of words in the app from where you can use all the words you like to include in your poem or lyrics. Cannonball, the magnetic poetryJust drag and drop different words you like to create poems, lyrics, and take up many other creative endeavors. Using the app is fun and intuitive and you can even write poems on the go. 

It is highly recommended for poems or writing enthusiasts and even teachers who wish to try their hand in writing. 

There is a premium version too which removes ads, lets you add words, access larger workspace, and more. 

Download For Android & iOS


This is a one-stop social media platform for poets and poetry lovers. This is a place to share, read, and publish your poetry in front of thousands of people who love poems. 

It is a brilliant place that brings together like-minded people to celebrate and cherish this amazing art. 

Doesn’t matter if you are a poet or a reader, you’ll definitely find something in the app. 

Just like any other social media platform, you can create an account, write poems, publish them, save drafts, and even receive feedback and support from poetry lovers across the globe. Poetizer for ios

If you are a reader, you can find a huge collection of new poems every day written by talented new authors. If you like them, even bookmark the poems. 

If you don’t wish to use the app, you can even use their website where you’ll find all the similar things.    

You are free to express the talented poet you have within you in front of real admirers. If it sounds good, download this app right away.  

Download For Andorid & iOS


If you are a beginner, and want to regularly test your talent by writing poems every day, and enjoy the company of other writers, then this is the app for you. 

Not only that, but through this app, you can also make new friends by helping each other out in writing intuitive poems. 

It is a social poetry game where you write a line and pass it on to a “stranger”. This stranger, who can be anyone anywhere, will write the next line and this will continue on and on until you create a micro-story or a poem. HaikuJAM for android

This will train your mind by expressing itself in as few words as possible scaling your creativity to new levels. 

This way, you can increase your vocabulary, interact with strangers, and make friends, have fun, and just enjoy the world of poetry. Though the app works great in the free version, you can opt for the paid to get a few more goodies. 

Download For Android & iOS

Poet Assistant

Poet Assistant is a collection of English rhyming words, a dictionary, thesaurus, and a simple editor. For a poet, there’s no treasure like this one! You can find an unlimited number of rhyming words to use and create a great poet you always wanted. 

Since the app has a dictionary and thesaurus support, you will never lose your way while framing your poems. Poet Assistant for ios

There is a screen provided in the app which allows you to write poem drafts for your convenience.  

And the best part is, you can even use the app’s in-built text-to-speech engine and have the words spoken aloud to get a better idea. Also, the content is backed up allowing you to access it later. 

The app can be used offline, which adds a lot more serviceability to the user. 

Download For Android & iOS

Poetry Everywhere  

If you are one of those who like video content the most, then this app will certainly prove to be the best for you. 


Poetry Everywhere is a database of short video poems where you can see and enjoy charming and appealing poems read by contemporary poets. 

Using the app is also easy to play as the interface is very interactive and easy to navigate. 

The intuitive design makes it all the more fun as once you start watching the short video poems, you just keep on going with the flow. 

Although this app is only available for iOS, it is worth trying out. 

Download For Android & iOS

Daily English Poems

Daily English Poems give you a daily dose of calm and soothing poems to greet you every morning. 

You get notified by the app regarding a random poem as it has a library of over 10,000 poems from 30 different renowned poets. 

Apart from that, you can simply search for a poet, or a poem and add them to your favorites to access them quickly. Daily English Poems | Poets & Poetries

You can modify and customize the app interface, text or the size according to your choice. The night mode in the app allows to really ease the stress on the eye and lets you enjoy the poems calmly. 

Using the app doesn’t need any sign-up, so for those who are a bit lazy, you will find the app useful.  

Download For Android & iOS

Final Words

So, these are the 8 best poetry apps for iOS and Android which you should start using right now. If you are a poet who loves to write poems or even a poetry admirer who loves to read amazing poems every day, you will find these apps highly useful. Almost all of these apps have a premium version, but the free version is more than enough unless you are too damn serious about poetry. You have the world of popular poets and their creations in your hands, start celebrating the art of poetry now! 

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