Are you a working person who has to let their pets stay at home alone? Worrying about your pet’s safety? Want to know what he/she is doing and everything? Well, to answer all your questions – Do not worry! Because there are some great pet monitoring apps for people like you who need to stop worrying and keep an eye on their pets even from far away. 

We all love our pets and worry about them each and every time. Leaving them at home alone spells worry itself, but with pet monitoring apps, we could track our pets and visually see them. We could keep an eye on them virtually. Therefore, below are listed 5 Best Pet Monitoring Apps for iOS.  

Best Pet Monitoring Apps For iOS

Although you don’t need a dedicated camera or other proprietary devices, remember that you need two smartphones to run the following applications: one device acts as a camera, and the other acts as your own smartphone to receive data. Now, just let jump right into the apps. 

It is a highly known iOS app for monitoring your pet. Every time your pet barks, howls and excites due to separation anxiety, the app will send an instant notification to your smartphone. The app allows you to respond to notifications and comfort your pet with your own words. The app can not only send you sound notifications, but also motion detection notifications. Pet Monitor VIGI

This feature is very useful when you do not want your pet to enter a certain room or place. In addition, Pet Monitor VIGI can perform this operation automatically. If necessary, record or even take photos. Or, you can broadcast everything to see what your pet is doing in real-time. 

Although the name of the app is “dog”, you can use it to monitor almost all pets, even cats. The working range of the dog monitor is not restricted. It is not restricted by your local network, and you can connect to the application via the Internet to monitor your pet on your smartphone or tablet.Pet Monitor VIGI

One of Dog Monitor’s unique features is the ability to pre-register commands. This allows you to remotely control or entertain your pet. For example, when your dog enters the kitchen or your bedroom, you can ask the device to speak an appropriate command to prevent your pet from entering the restricted area. 

PetCam AppCompared with other applications, this application has a unique feature by which you can quickly switch between high resolution and low resolution when needed, which is especially useful for saving data and/or saving storage space. It is a nice application If you are looking for an application compatible with mobile and desktop platforms. It has almost all the features listed in the above two applications as well. 

This pet monitoring application can track any information about your pet, such as: medical history, vaccination date, weight, height, body temperature, symptoms of health problems, care requirements, bathroom, documentation, allergy laboratory testing, internal and external Deforming. In short, 11pets is a must-have application for any pet owner to correctly monitor the pet’s activities, habits, and health. 

This is another among the 5 best pet monitoring app for iOS. Like the previous above listed applications, Annie’s Pet Can run on the Internet on Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G networks and will not restrict you to the local area network. With Annie’s Pet Cam, you can record the movements of your pet and even broadcast live at any time. Dog Monitor or Pet cam by Annie

Of course, when the app hears and makes sounds such as pets barking or howling, it will immediately send you a notification. You can use this notification to open the app, learn what your pet is doing, and even talk to them. Use your device’s microphone. 

Moreover, this app doesn’t send superfluous notifications on each and every minor sounds. Other cool features include low battery notifications and the ability to monitor multiple pets and multiple owners, so you can share the burden of monitoring pets with other family members. 


The above listed 5 best pet monitoring apps for iOS are really the best and can provide you a great amount of help. These apps are not only for iOS, it can be used on Android as well. Each and every app has all the qualities and necessary items to provide you help and keep your dog safe. With these applications, you can keep an eye on your pet carefully and without stressing yourself out much plus your home would not be a disaster when you come back. 

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