Oukitel revealed their K6000 Plus at the MWC in Barcelona earlier this Month, naming it as “The Conqueror” that will conquer smartphone market with its unparalleled features and capabilities, where the ace in the hole being its unrivaled best in range 6080mAh battery. Yesterday, Oukitel made some clear statements about their next release and we will be covering them in this article.

Oukitel’s K6000 Plus Aliased as “The Conqueror”                                                                                                                                        Oukitel revealed the successor of K6000 Pro which is powered by a 6080mAh battery and features that exceed not only its predecessors but most of the smartphones present in the market. It will be coming with a MediaTek MT6750 chipset with an Octa-core processor running on Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.

Generally, when we talk about large battery we get the picture of a bulky and hard to carry device but the case with K6000 Plus is very different. Although it features a massive battery the size of this smartphone is not at all bulky instead it looks very premium with a decent industrial finish.

Another great news for the followers is that K6000 Plus will be coming with the full support of quick charge 3.0 which will allow it to be powered up to 12V/2A resulting in the best possible charging speed. It will only take around 1 hours 40 minutes to charge its monstrous 6080mAh battery which is double the speed of any normal charger.

Oukitel’s K6000 Plus “The Conqueror” Battery Life

The fingerprint sensor of this device has been located in the front which will also work as a substitute for the home button. According to the information, we got the K6000 Plus will be hitting the market at the end of March.

The K6000 Plus looks much better than its predecessor K6000 pro not only in terms of looks but also in built-in features and specifications which are the reason why the company has named it as “The Conqueror”

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