A budgetary phone with all the features of a higher end phone is a rare thing. The market is in the dearth of such products. In fact, the market would appreciate and celebrate such products. Everyone would want a phone with a battery as like One Plus, Camera as like an iPhone, Seamless functions as like Google Pixel. What If there is a phone that mixes the best of best phones?? Oukitel U22 is that “Golden Baby”.

Oukitel U22 Review

Oukitel is an Outstanding and the most popular brand in the Chinese market. They come up with a great series of Smartphone and each one is much more different than their previous launch. They are not just different but more unique than any other leading Smartphone. The writing below will give you a glimpse of why you need pick this goodie.



I am quite taken away by the build of the phone. The phone looks much more expensive than its value on its price tag. The screen is so delicate and so elegant. The 5.5-inch screen is just a common spec in the recent devices. For this budget price, this is more than what we can ask for. The phone from its rear end is an exact replica of the Google pixel. At the rear end is the fingerprint scanner. This is again a trending change in the Smartphone market. The phone is also equipped with smooth key controls.

I would give a 5-star rating for its look. They are available in two shades: Jet Black and Pearl White. The Jet Black is so cool. Black is just so fresh and looks too elegant. The shiny and shimmering appearance is a visual treat to the eyes. Pearl White is calm and carries a very elegant and business-class look.


The camera is a noticeable quality of the phone. Oukitel U22 is proud to call itself as the world’s first Smartphone with four cameras. A very impressive Dual front and Dual Rear cameras.


You get to experience an SLR quality pictures with no edits. I’m quite stumbled with the concept of the two cameras. They are quite popular after the launch of the Iphone7 series. The cameras just resemble the iconic iPhone 7. Camera’s quality is just undaunted. You can never complain about it.

Camera Quality of U22

The camera gives you a splendid 13MP back and 8MP front camera. The supplementary cameras’ are 2MP each. The purpose of the main camera is to take the pictures while the supplementary camera takes care of the data, blurring the background and pin focusing on a particular background. Sounds like a picture from a DSLR?? Yes, giving you that “bang on” picture that is all set to go on Social Media’s. It is truly the phone of the NOW generation. Gauging at the price, a great steal product.


Android 7.0 Nougat OS

Speaking of software, the device is imparted with the popular Android 7.0 Nougat. Nougat guarantees you with plenty of features with abundance of customization options. Wanna be in an interesting chat and also not to miss a league game. Nougat finally delivers the split screen mode. This feature enables the user to multi-task. You can play as well as text someone at the same time. The notification area in Nougat has got a slight makeover. You get more information in a very less space with ease responding option.

With the latest Android OS gives you an access to multiple languages and with new emojis. Other new features of the software include Fast internet connectivity, fast switching between apps, great data saver and much more. Nougat also gives you the ability to save power. A phone at this price with so many features is gold mine at this price.


U22 takes a combination of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, offering you a large space for multi-tasking and for storing applications. I am someone who is quite concerned about the storage of the phone. I use separate apps for News, separate app for music, apps for camera, a separate group of apps editing images. Apart from these I also have gaming apps. I would be quite happy with 32GB. I am not pleased with the storage space the phone provides. This is suitable for very low-end users. The price of the product covers up this flaw. Considering the price then this is a delightful cookie.

2GB RAM and 16GB ROM

Apart from these I also have gaming apps. I would be quite happy with 32GB. I am not pleased with the storage space the phone provides. This is suitable for very low-end users. The price of the product covers up this flaw. Considering the price then this is a delightful cookie.


Box Accessories of Oukitel U22 3G Smartphone!
Box Accessories of Oukitel U22 3G Smartphone!

Oukitel U22 gives you the ability to use Dual SIM or use one SIM and replace the other SIM tray with SD card. This is favourable for Single SIM users. This feature is becoming a new trend in all the new launches. I wouldn’t appreciate this change. Being a Dual-SIM user, I feel this is a great setback which stops me from buying any phone despite having Great Spec Set. If you are a single SIM user then, I would strongly recommend you to go buy it right away. One major setback is that

Pros & Cons of OUKITEL U22 Smartphone


  • Quality product for a Pocket-friendly price.
  • You are provided with Dual- front and Dual-Back which is a New Pop-Up in the market.
  • Android 7.0 is an impressive factor of the device.
  • Very solid furnish giving you the look of a phone of Triple its cost.
  • A spectacular 2 GB RAM is another enchanted feature.
  • A 2700mAh battery is pretty decent for a phone of this range.


  • SIM swapped up SD Card may be a Pro for some users but for Dual SIM users it is a CON.
  • The phone doesn’t support 4G.This is a major setback of the device. The users in recent time opt for a phone with 4G Option. Hence giving them a 3G would be a De-Limiter for the growth of the product.
Why Buy?
Besides giving you a pinch of bitterness, the phone will present itself as a top-notch in the Chinese market. It is simply because of the larger goodness the phone gives. The camera is one such pull-up factor. This is the generation of photos and launching this product at this time would make it a star in the market. The pricing of the product is like adding glitter to gold. So to sum it up, A Great product for a great price will be a great hit in the market.