There is no doubt that Apple X has a really impressive design and look. The Rounded edges and Shiny Glass on the back of the phone make it really attractive. On top of that, it cannot be denied that Apple always brings something new to there Smartphone whenever they launch the new model into the market.

No doubt about the fact that Apple has a huge user base along with unparalleled reputation. Fortunately, some of the manufacturers are trying to keep up the pace with the Apple models by adapting the features and design. Well, Oukitel is one of them, the China-based company introduced it’s new Smartphone U18 with the exact Same design like Apple X.
With the first look at the phone, it’s hard to identify that is it Apple or Other. The exact design from the front but back of the U18 is slightly different from Apple. Let’s take a look at the specification and other details of the Oukitel U18:-

Oukitel U18 review[irp posts=”7395″ name=”Elephone U / U Pro Review: A Modern Day’s Smart Phablet That Allows You To Discover World”]

Design & Display

The phone has a cut out on its top which further gives it a resemblance to iPhone X. With 2.5 D curved display, 3D art design and CNC crafted zinc alloy frame, the phone gives a perfect grip on holding it in hands. The back design has some resemblance with Huawei mate 10 Pro. Also, the dual lens of the rear camera and the rubber covering of the phone make it further a replica of the former device. Apart from face recognition, the Oukitel U18 also has fingerprint unlock system that quickly works in a reliable way.Oukitel U18 reviewThe 5.85 inches capacitive touchscreen has multi-touch feature for more functionality. The Oukitel U18 is a keen Apple iPhone X competitor but doesn’t run on the iOS operating system. Also, it is slightly bigger with 5.85-inch screen size and provides the 1512*720 pixel density.

It is noteworthy that the ratio of the smartphone is 19:9 why it is most of the time advertised as 21: 9

Hardware & Memory

The smartphone review encompasses a powerful Octa-core MediaTek MT6750T processor. The maximum clock speed of the processor is 1.5Ghz, which is not justified as the comparison to other smartphones. Moreover, it also has the GPU unit which provides the backup supports to the processor to run more apps at same time. With the help of the GPU, you can easily run Game like Asphalt, Mortal Combat and so many as well.Oukitel U18 reviewU18 have the 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, which is quite enough to run any app and game. The 64GB of internal memory that is expandable through an SD card, the storage part would never disappoint you. When it comes to storing large sized files and video games, you can always have them without worrying about any space issue at all.

Operating System & Features

The smartphone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system as the main firmware. However, it can be upgraded to other operating systems through updates. The Android 7.0 improves the performance of the hardware by optimize the use of the hardware.

The Oukitel U18 is capable of supporting 4G network respectively in each sim slot. However, you must take care that only one LTE network sim card is inserted at a time. The phone cannot Run two 4G network at the same time. Also, the GPS and NFC Location tracking feature makes the revised quote worthwhile to be carried on the random trip.Oukitel U18 reviewAlso, you can team up Bluetooth devices for making the best usage of the smartphone’s connectivity. Team it up with a Bluetooth player or OTG for keeping yourself absolutely entertained.

The embedded sensors of the phone can transmit and measure physical quantities to send them to the application processor. The accelerometer and built-in electronic component can correctly analyze motion and tilt measure. With face recognition feature and fingerprint sensors, the phone is an all-rounder device from the house of Oukitel.

Dual Rear Camera

As we have told you that Oukitel U18 is a mixture of the iPhone X from the front and Huawei Mate10 on the Back. So camera position of the U18 is exactly similar to the Mate 10. The U18 is equipped with the 16MP + 5MP dual rear camera. Both the camera has the Sony IMX135 lens which gives you he SLR quality images. The bokeh and portrait mode with the dual camera is really nice but not as good Pixel 2, Oneplus.Oukitel U18 reviewThe front camera also does a decent job when it comes to taking pictures. The 13MP front camera doesn’t have the flash so you have to compromise in low light. The front camera is also equipped with the Sony sensor which used to Unlock your smartphone through Face ID.


The phone is a real entertainer with 4000 MaH battery power that has a capacity to last for the entire day despite heavy usage. You can completely enjoy using the phone by listening music, playing radio, watching movies, downloading stuff and surfing social media websites for hours. The battery once charged to hundred percent level would be required charging only after 9 – 10 hours when the phone is continuously used.

And also it does support the fast charging through USB Port C and Power adapter which comes in the Box.

Price & Availability

The Oukitel U18 is available in 2 amazing colors – gold and black. With a retail price of $159.99, you cannot get a better discount then what the Banggood is providing.

You can purchase the device somewhere between 1st – 7 Th February on a special discount.

Final verdict

With growing trend of owning smartphones having bigger screen size, Oukitel U18 is an appealing device for all the customers who have a limited budget but wish to have a featured smartphone. The aesthetic design and top-notch specifications will definitely make you happy to use this particular model of smartphone.

Design & Apperance
Memory (RAM & ROM)
Camera (Front & Rear)
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