(A dig into features and specification)

Oukitel U16 Max was recently unveiled by its parent company Oukitel. The company is a brand based in the People’s Republic of China which also had its origin in the same country. Founded in the year 2007, Oukitel, Shenzhen Yunji Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, has been striving to provide quality smartphones at competitive prices and is serving customers not only in china but also in other parts of the world.


With ten years of expertise in the smartphone market, the company is known for making smartphones that sport good features at relatively low prices. Some of its masterpieces in the past are OUKITEL U13 4G Phablet, OUKITEL C5 Pro and the battery giant Oukitel’s K6000. With the launch of Oukitel U16 Max, a phablet belonging to the U series, the company has tried to capture customers looking for a decent smartphone with the size of a phablet with relatively lower to mid-range price.

This article will provide you with the information about the features and specification of the Oukitel U16 Max mobile phone.

Love at first sight design:

Body of U16 Max 4G Phablet

Who does not love a smartphone with the Uni-metal body? Well, the U16 Max won’t be an exception as it sports an all-metal design. The back panel is made of CNC machined aluminum alloy giving this smartphone a lovely and classic appearance due to the precision cuts. The entire aluminum piece is a single sheet of metal alloy.

The back panel is covered with small strips of horizontally striped hard plastics at the antenna area. Also, it is where the fingerprint sensor is located. The front panel, on the other hand, is provided with a 2.5D curved glass which covers the display. The overall look is quite appealing for anyone who not only loves a Uni-metal body but keens to keep something that looks trendy.

Large display:

 Oukitel U16 Max 6 inch screen

The Oukitel U16 Max is a phablet and sports a 6-inch display which is covered by 2.5D curved glass which smoothly joins with the curved vertical edges of the mobile phone offering a comfortable and pleasing display. The screen resolution of 720×1280 pixels is not over the top, but wait! This is not a high-end phone and the display works just enough to provide a decent visual experience. If you are an outdoor person, the mobile won’t disappoint you as it’s bright and offers good visibility even under daylight.

Lackluster yet functional processor:

MediaTek MT 6573 processor

Buried deep inside the large screen is the MediaTek MT 6573 processor which is a 64-bit System on Chip which is not an attraction by any means. Clocked at a frequency of 1.3 GHz, it cannot be said that the CPU is a good one as several other smartphones have taken up speed beyond the reach of this device. However, the processor is based on Octa-core A53 which will offer some solace to those who multi-task often. However, it is to be mentioned that the device scores considerably well on AnTuTu which is quite surprising for a mobile with an MT6573 chipset.

Hence users can be assured of stable and median performance when it comes to the processor and its operating speed. But still, the manufacturer could have gone up the ladder in this section to make the mobile a serious contender in the market.

However the mobile sports a 3GB RAM and an internal memory of 32 GB which is expandable by a MicroSD which should be a good boost to the device’s performers. So, all those app freaks do not have to worry about managing memory space.

Impressive camera:

The Oukitel U16 Max comes equipped with a 13 MP sensor for the rear camera which is quite decent. In fact, the picture quality of the images produced by the camera is on par with devices of big names in the industry with a similar specification. It can be operated in three modes. For those night owls who like taking pictures in the dark, the mobile sports Dual LED flash. Selfie addicts are compensated by a 5 MP secondary camera that can be operated in 2 modes.

Software specifications:

Android, v7.0 Nougat in OUKITEL U16 Max

This device runs on the newest version of Android, v7.0 Nougat. The software offers a smooth interface between the device and the users and has no bloatware that restricts the performance of this smartphone. Also, the UI offers customization options for the users which in itself is an appealing factor.

Power packed battery:

The Oukitel U16 Max’s battery is literally power packed and is perhaps the best thing about this mobile. The battery is a 4000 mAh Li-Pol 5V/1.5A fast-charging capacitive which comes coupled with a power management App that optimizes the battery performance. The battery can last up to 8 hours when operated with internet turned on, which is quite good.

However, the battery does not charge very fast but may take up to 4 hours to reach its full charged status. Also, a powerful battery means a heavy mobile which is evident from the considerably heavy weight which weighs 222 grams that make carrying it a little harder.

Additional features:

Apart from all the above specifications, there are some additional features that are an attraction in this budget mobile.

 Finger print sensor at Back side
Impressive Fingerprint sensor at Backside
  • Fingerprint sensor: The relatively low-cost mobile has a fingerprint sensor which beefs up the security of the phone. Situated on the back panel and just below the camera, the fingerprint scanner is positioned in the best place possible. However, the big size of the phone restricts easy reach to the sensor which is quite irritating.
  • Network connectivity: From 2G to 4G, the Oukitel U16 Max provides it all. Also, it accommodates two Micro/Nano Sim cards.

What is in the package?

A trivial yet aesthetic attraction is the bright orange package which has the smartphone, charging adapter, Sim tray pin and additionally a Silicone back cover.

Should you buy it?

Well buying the Oukitel U16 solely depends on your needs. If you are looking for a smartphone with good designs and decent specifications at low cost, the Oukitel U16 Max can be a very good buy.