OUKITEL K6000 PRO Review –

OUKITEL K6000 PRO Review

In the current smartphone market, the number one issue is cell phone’s battery life. I have seen phones with a little more efficient battery backup, but most of the smartphones still don’t last a full day on a single charge. The Chinese manufacturer called Oukitel is proficient of producing terminals with some serious features for a stupendous price tag. Same is the case with their closing smartphone of the previous year, Oukitel K6000. But it lacked a few features: a fingerprint reader, Full-HD display, latest Android or anything that makes the terminal worth to be called a mid-tier phone of 2016.

But the question remains, what can you get for a price of $150?

Well in the case of Oukitel, you can get everything! Though some features were missed out in K6000, in order to compete with the latest mid-end phones of 2016, Oukitel released their latest smartphone known as the Oukitel K6000 Pro 4G Phablet. There are many confusion among the people before buying this amazing device. To solve this confusion here i am providing OUKITEL K6000 PRO REVIEW.

Design and Built

OUKITEL K6000 PRO Design
Design and Built of OUKITEL K6000 PRO 4G Phablet

 The design of K6000 pro 4G phablet is very catchy and it boasts a more premium design having about 70% percent of its body made of full metal chassis. The K6000 pro comes in three different colours; Carbon grey, Champagne gold and glacial silver.

The border is finished with a shiny metal with chamfered edges, the volume adjustment, and power buttons are made of metal as well.

At the back is a Fingerprint sensor sitting just below the Camera and dual LED flash. The back is covered by a metal having curved edges and flattened middle section with very smooth finishes, this gives the device a very amazing and comfortable feel in hand.

The K6000 pro has a thickness of 9.8mm and weighs approximately 214 gram, it’s not hard to tell that the K6000 pro’s massive battery is the major contributing factor to its weight.


Amaging Full HD Display

The display department is one of the areas in which the K6000 pro definitely shines compared to its predecessor, The K6000 Pro sports a 5.5″inch 2.5D Arc Screen with FULL HD(1920p×1080p)  having a PPI (Pixels per-square-inch) of 408.

The screen is protected by a Dragon trail glass that has an unusual thickness of 1.1mm (higher than the normal 0.7 mm found in most phones) making it shatter and scratch proof to a very high extent.

The overall display in the K6000 pro is great; colours appear very bold and vibrant when viewed from any angle. The screen acknowledges multitouch of up to 5 fingers at the same time.


The phone is powered by a MediaTek MT6753 processor which has been a pretty popular processor among many smartphones in this price range. It’s an octa-core processor featuring eight Cortex-A53 cores all clocked at 1.3GHz. This is paired with the Mali-T720 GPU along with 3GB of RAM. Pretty respectable hardware, when you think about it.


Oukitel is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow here on the K6000 Pro. And luckily, the device is running a stock version of Android. Meaning that you’re getting an experience that you would get from a Nexus, minus a few other things. You also get to experience Material Design there’re only a few changes that Oukitel made to the software here, and many of them can be changed by installing a third-party launcher. The company has added nice features tofurther enhance the user experience like Gesture motion, Float Gesture and Gesture unlock etc.


16MP Back and 8 MP Front Camera
16MP Back and 8 MP Front Camera

The K6000 pro will make a good companion for picture lovers, it uses a 16 megapixels camera for the primary shutter and 8 megapixels (interpolated) for the secondary shutter, the rear camera works with a dual LED flash to produce bright and clear pictures even in dark conditions, it also has autofocus that made focusing on objects easier and avoiding blurred up images. The front camera has a face detection features which is very handy for quality selfie purposes.


The speaker on the Oukitel K6000 Pro is on the backside. Normally, I would frown upon that decision but I found something surprising about this speaker. When you place the smartphone down on a table, the sound doesn’t become muffled, like many would expect. Instead, the sound stays as crisp and clear as if you were holding the device. It’s pretty surprising, and something I really like, to be honest. Though I would prefer front-facing speakers, this speaker isn’t bad at all.


6000 mAh battery life
Huge 6000 mAh battery

Probably the most interesting part of this review is the battery life. Oukitel’s K6000 Pro has a 6,000mAh battery. Now for most smartphones, that would be huge, but Oukitel does have a larger one – in the Oukitel K10000.
This phone can last up to 3 days on normal usage before needing to be recharged and it could last around two days, on heavy usage giving an outstanding 10 hours of screen on time, which is more than 90% of smartphones. Really impressive, when you think about it.


In the Box accessories

Box accessories of OUKITEL K6000 PRO
Box accessories of OUKITEL K6000 PRO

Inside the box, we have the K6000 Pro right there on top. We also have the wall adapter, and micro USB cables beneath that, with a USB OTG cable, allowing you to expand your storage on the Oukitel K6000 Pro by using a USB device. They aren’t high-end earbuds, but still better than getting nothing. Oukitel also includes a SIM ejection tool, since the back cover isn’t removable. Additionally, we have a clear TPU case included and a screen protector. Allowing you to protect your Oukitel K6000 Pro without needing to shell out more money.

Other Features

  • Quick charge & Reverse charge

The K6000 pro is definitely a power house with its massive 6000 mAh non-removable battery, the device can stand 48 hours without charging. 5 minutes of charge from 0% gives you a talk time of 2 hours of talk time, thanks to its super-fast charger with an output of 5v/7v/9v-2A.

With the charger, the device only takes 2 hours 30 minutes to fully charge and can also be used to power other devices haven come with a reverse charge cord.

  • Splashproof & Dustproof

    Splashproof & Dustproof Phone
    Splashproof & Dustproof Device

Another exciting aspect which surprises us in this budget category is that Oukitel K6000 Pro is IP64 certified, which means that it is dust and splash proof.

  • Connectivity

Among the pros of the phone is the support of nearly all the frequencies around the world along with 3G and 4G LTE. The reception is consistently good, the phone is Dual-SIM with a hybrid slot. This means that the Micro-SD card must be removed in order to add the second SIM at its place. Noise cancelling feature is found in the microphone and a clear voice from the earphone. Like the network, other wireless functions like Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi is also very good


 Pros :-

  • The best battery life I’ve seen on any phone that I have ever reviewed, with more than 10 hrs. of screen on time it is undoubtedly the best hands down
  • While it’s not QHD, this 1080p IPS panel is still very good.
  • This phone is under $160. So to have a huge battery and a metal unibody, I was quite surprised with how good the build quality is here.
  • We always love seeing stock Android on smartphones. It makes updating easier, and users are less confused on how to use the device.

Cons :-

  • I’d prefer either on-screen buttons or capacitive keys that actually light up. With this being a white-front smartphone, it’s tough to see the keys in daylight.
  • Big battery is great, but having a big battery that charges very slowly is not the best experience.
  • Gets little hot while playing high-end games and overload usage which is always annoying

Price and Availability

OUKITEL K6000 PRO Review and Pricing
OUKITEL K6000 PRO Review

If you’re interested in buying Oukitel K6000 Pro, you can pre-order or buy it from Chinese stores for a reasonable price of $150 to $160. It is available in three variants GRAY, WHITE, & GOLDEN.

You can buy it from GEARBEST the link is given below and get the best price with extra discounts

Buy Oukitel K6000 Pro

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a smartphone with a huge battery, that will last you all day, if not two full days and a camera that will definitely fulfil your basic needs, then the Oukitel K6000 Pro is definitely the way to go. There’s not much to complain about when it comes to the Oukitel K6000 Pro. Just some minor issues of heating while playing high-end games and  a tad big of lagging while gaming but that is ok for the majority of users and at a price tag of less than 200$ just what else do you expect.

Hope this OUKITEL K6000 PRO Review help you in your buying decision. If you still have some doubt before buying this product, feel free to ask us. Just leave a comment below.