With Limited battery backup of Smartphones becoming a cause of worry for almost all the users, Oukitel has finally come up with a solution in form of OUKITEL K10 that has a big battery life and incomparable standby time. The commendable features that include a good quality RAM, high-performance processor, and other enormous specifications have brought the phone into the Limelight despite severe competition.

The previous versions of this phone had 6300 mAh battery power which already received much appreciation. However, the company decided to grab more appreciation by launching yet another breakthrough model that integrates 11000 mAh battery power.

So forget carrying with your charger and power bank all the time, the longer duration of the battery is going to let you watch movies play games and whatever you feel like without reminding about the limited battery level. Now let’s have a look at the rest of the features through a quick glance –

Hardware Specs

The OUKITEL K10 is going to bring a smile to your face through its angular finish and smart built up. Constructed out of magnesium alloy and Leather material, the phone is indeed exceptional in terms of look. That top side of the smartphone comprises of earpiece, front camera and LED flash. At the backside, it has finger sensor position and a rear camera that clicks dedicated pictures. The comfortable side keys help to manage the volume of the phone. Also, the power button is located by the side of the phone to make it easier for quick switch off and switch on. Primary colors available are golden and black.
Oukitel K10

With MediaTek P23 chipset, the high clock speed and dual gigahertz make the smartphone absolutely upgraded. The 7.1 Nougat operating system efficiently manages all the applications without any event but, OUKITEL K10 is the best pick for the year. Additionally, the multitasking phone comes with 6 GB LPDDRX RAM and 64GB ROM altogether. You can further expand the ROM by inserting an external memory of up to 128 GB through a good quality micro SD card.

The OUKITEL K10 comes with 7.1 Nougat operating system which is a noticeable step by oukitel towards software update. The praiseworthy operating system lets you install games, applications and third-party software at your personal will.Oukitel K10

Coming straight to the camera quality, the OUKITEL K10 has 21.0MP + 8.0MP rear cameras featuring dual flash. The front camera is expected to be somewhere around 13.0MP + 5.0MP with LED flash. Now taking pictures in low light will be easy.

On using the phone for photography, we found that the functions of autofocus, 4k recording and LED flash added a real Grace to our pictures. The images are respectively bright and appreciable. Even when we shot videos in low light, it was found that only a slight loss of sharpness was there.Oukitel K10

Discussing the battery, on personally using the phone we found that it has the power to last up to 7 days instead of 3 – 4 days. We played the music for complete 89 hours that again represented the sturdiness of the device. The overall experience in social media surfing, app downloads, web browsing was satisfactory. The active usage of the smartphone was up to 22 hours each day.

You can charge the phone up to 100% within just 2 hours. The device also supports the fast charging with the USB port C.

Price & Availability

If you do not have much applications installed in the phone, probably the battery can last for few more days. The phone is a king in terms of connectivity, built quality, battery and camera. Currently the OUKITEL K10 is available on Gearbest promotional sale at a noteworthy discount. With just $249.99 you can own the phone right away. The huge discount of $50 would make the phone buying into a happier activity for you.