The Smart bands are one of the most trending wearables in Tech. Users are also taking interest into the smartband and why not they are cheap and more stylish than any regular watch they wear. Along with that now a lot of leading tech companies are offering a lot of functionality in it such as Hear Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor and call reminder etc. Like other companies, Oukitel is also one the leading tech company in China. Oukitel A18 Smartband can be your next health assistance ounce you take a look at the specification and features. So, today we have the Oukitel A18 Smartband for the review so let’s get started:

Oukitel A18 Smartband

You can grab an amazing deal on OUKITEL A18 Heart Rate Smartband at Gearbest. You need to pay only $19.62 to make the stylish OUKITEL A18 Heart Rate Smartband yours. You will get a mind-blowing discount of 19%. The best part about OUKITEL A18 Heart Rate Smartband is that it is available for both Android and iOS phones. You can get this smart band in different colors like black, blue, laterite.

OUKITEL A18 Smartband Review: Best Smartband For iOS & Android Device

Design and Display

The OUKITEL A18 Smart Band comes with one Smart band and Chinese-English User Manual and additional USB charger. The smart band has a beautiful economical design which is compatible and stylish at the same time.

The rectangular shape of OUKITEL A18 Smart Band makes it more attractive, silicone is used to design and develop the band material. The band is available for the three color as black, blue, laterite.

Oukitel A18 Smartband

OUKITEL A18 Smart Band comes with attractive OLED screen and has an amazing screen 128 x 32 with 0.91 inches as Screen size. Touch key is the only mode of operation. The OLED screen of the band is very much responsive and touch is fine.

OUKITEL A18 Smart Band comes with a perfect dial size of 5 x 2 cm with Band size of  22 x 2.2 cm. It has an apt wearing diameter of 15 – 21 cm. The product is very compact with a light product weight of only 0.0250 kg.


Oukitel A18 SmartbandThis heart rate smart band has a perfect specification of hardware. It comes with Built-in chip type of Nordic 51822 which is waterproof. The OUKITEL A18 Smart Band supports Bluetooth version of 4.0 with Life Water Resistance as IP rating. The band has the perfect Hardware combination for the sports person or users who like adventures.

Oukitel A18 Smartband

Another exciting feature of OUKITEL A18 Smart Band is that it will fulfill all types of water resistant demands in daily life. The band has the IP67 waterproof certificate. You no more need to worry about being safe in the water.

Functions You can Perform With Smartband

The device has eye-catching functionality like Phone call reminder via Bluetooth calling, Message reminder. In addition to it, you can also keep a track on your health with features like Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor with the help of OUKITEL A18 Smart Band. You can also find your phone, it has an alert type of variation with addition alarm and Bluetooth features.


OUKITEL A18 Smart Band has a battery type of Polymer lithium battery with Battery Capacity of 120mAh. It takes a total charging time of 90 mines with total 20 days standby time. In terms of battery, the Oukitel have the advantages over other smartband.


OUKITEL A18 Smart Band has an excellent compatibility with both Android and iOS. It functions smoothly with Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0 and above versions. I think this is not a big problem for anyone, today all most all smartphones are updated. To connect with your smartphone you need to download the App from the play store(Android) and App store(iOS). It will connect through the Bluetooth and all the data will sync with App and it keep track all of your activity and other things.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Oukitel A18 Smartband

OUKITEL A18 Heart Rate Smartband can help you to measure your heart rate, the additional advantage of this smart band is that it displays a complete heartbeat curve in the App. This will help you to view heart rate clearly at any time of your choice. The app of the smartband will also keep the track of your heart rate.

More Exciting Features

Sleep Monitoring

Oukitel A18 Smartband

This is a great device to Monitor your sleep condition. It will help you to track your sleeping time and status so that you can analyze and improve your sleep quality.

Sedentary Reminder

OUKITEL A18 Smart Band will help you to remind you with various functionality like standing up and have a basic simple exercise after too long work or study.

Pedometer & Finding Phone

Oukitel A18 Smartband

OUKITEL A18 Smart Band has an attractive feature of precisely measure your footsteps and record your every trail. This will help you achieve and fulfill all your sports goals.

Oukitel A18 Smartband

OUKITEL A18 Smart Band has an additional amazing feature which can also track and find the phone when the distance between the bracelet and mobile phone is more than 10m, A vibration from the bracket will act as a reminder for you.

Bluetooth Feature

Oukitel A18 Smartband

You can also get the notification like calling, alarm, or message on your wrist. Ounce it is connected to your smartphone you will get all the notification on your smartband Dail. So, now you don’t have to look at your smartphone again for any notification.


OUKITEL A18 Smart Band is a complete fitness package which comes with a large memory to store all the data safely and perfectly. It is a great tool for all the fitness enthusiasts. Don’t miss a great deal at Gearbest. The best part about is, Gearbest offering the discount which is exceptionally awesome. You can buy is on the price of the 19$ and also get the 19% on this product. So, what you waiting for go and get this amazing Deal.