Original Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Review:

Day by day Xiaomi is launching the cool new gadgets. Now Xiaomi has become the first choice of the users. So, in the series of products today we are going to review the Original Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset. This Xiaomi product is very fresh and useful to everyone. The Xiaomi Mi LYEJ02LM Bluetooth Headset is available is a light weight earphone that comes in both Black and White color.

Original Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset


Original Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset review

The design of Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset is very cool and elegant. Mi Bluetooth headset has pretty light weight at just about 7 grams with built in battery. You will hardly feel it when you wear it on your ear. On the top of the device, you got one button which is used to switch on and off the device and answer and make a new phone call. On the Right side, you got the two button to control the volume. Also, it can be used for the play, pause, switch songs. On the front side, you have the small multicolor led. This led will show the whether the device connected or not and also battery conditions. On the bottom portion of the Mi Bluetooth Headset, you have the charging pin now; you know what a charging pin do.

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How to Use this amazing Original Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset:

Now how to use this Mi Bluetooth Headset to use it Press and hold the top button for few seconds to power on, you will see the Blue LED lighting up. Now it is turn on and switch off this again press and hold the button for few seconds to switch off, you will see the Red LED glowing, and that means it is switched off.

To connect with your smartphone, you have to first turn on the Bluetooth of your phone. To enter into the pairing mode of Mi Bluetooth Headset, you’ll need to press and hold and keep holding until you see the Blue LED blinking continuously. Now it is ready to Pairing with your smartphone. You will get some Chinese text, that is the Mi earphone, pair it, and now you can change the name of this device into English.

Now your smartphone have connected with this device to perform the all function which we mention above like receive, end calls, Dial the last no and control the music player, etc. You need to remember the combinations; it is very simple to let’s see them

  1. Dial the last number double press the button available on the top
  2. Single press to cancel the call.
  3. Receive the call use the button available on the top
  4. Press and hold for a while to switch to next song while using media player.
  5. To increase the volume use the button available on the Right side.

Look how easy are the combinations now try by yourself.

Performance & Battery:

Now comes the performance, range of the Mi Bluetooth Headset is up to 10 meter. The sound quality is very much impressive. Into the box, you got the 3 different size of ear plug with hook fits. Sound loudness is decent enough; you can control that using your smartphone.

Original Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset battery

It has a 60mAh Li-ion battery which can last long for 4-5 hours of talk time. It takes 2 hours to full charge. If you use it for a particular purpose then almost 2 days of battery backup you can get.

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt that Original Xiaomi Mi LYEJ02LM Bluetooth Headset is the best Bluetooth headset. This is the best gadget for them who talks too much in driving or office because it is not possible everytime you have your phone on your hand. So, without any delay, you should buy this product. You can buy it from any e-commerce site but here is the best-Discounted prices. Check out the below link to buy this amazing stuff from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset


Design & Built


Sound Quality


Comfortness in Ear


Overall Performance



  • Light Weight and Portable Size
  • Multifunction buttons
  • 3 types of earbuds for better holding


  • Available only chinese language