Are you an origamist? Does folding papers and creating fine art pieces give you joy and pleasure? Well, then we have some great news for you. Now, you can actually enjoy your favorite origami on your iOS device. Here, we present to you 10 best origami apps you can download and start using on iOS. 

Having the hobby of Origami makes you creative and sharp, you can calm yourself and learn to see the unique design in everything in front of you. Imagine how soothing it is to have the ability to create something spectacular with plain sheets of paper. 

It is an art where you convert a 2D object into a 3D masterpiece. You can learn to make a lot of stuff like animals, objects, flowers, etc. 

So, is there any way with which you can learn Origami and master it? Or even play it for fun? Well, in this tech-savvy world, it is possible! 

And this is exactly what we’ll be sharing with you. With the following 10 awesome Origami apps for iOS, you can rejuvenate your Origami love once again – 

Best Origami Apps For iOS 

Here is the list of apps for Origami on iOS that you will love absolutely. So, without any adieu, let’s get on it –

No need of any physical paper, any table or anything to enjoy the Origame app. This is the best application on iOS to get a real taste of origami. 

There’s no stopping once you start using it! This application is like an amazing mobile game that you were missing for a long time. All you need to do is just fold your paper using your fingers using your brain and the hints it provides you. 

The reason it is at No.1 is the simplicity and the ease of using it offers. You can create any shape using the different sheets of papers given in the app. There are unlimited numbers of levels present in the app so that you master the art of Origami.  

With Paperama, you enter the ravishing world of Origami to bring your creativity to life. This application gives you an overall experience of this amazing art form including paper puzzles, paper designs, maximum artistry with minimal folds and input. 

But, this doesn’t only come with this much. There are a lot of features that you get in addition to the Origami fun. 

The super calming soundtrack is just a thing of beauty and along with its 3D folding effect it serves as just the perfect timeout. Not only that, but there are 65+ puzzles to keep you occupied for eternity but with its hint system, things get a lot easier. It definitely deserves a go! 

Another great app for Origami in which you don’t need any physical accessory like a paper or napkin to play the game. All you need is steer Interest for Origami. 

You’ll get everything you need in the app itself and you even don’t need to be a veteran of Origami because this app’s motive is to teach you Origami with the best of entertainment. 

And added sugar is its design, it’s a beautiful design that just calms your nerves and gives you a deep relaxing feel. 

There’s more, you can even print the design you created with all its details and finishing in real life as a trophy of your best work.  

Did you know that the origin of Origami can be traced back to the Japanese culture? In the word Origami, Ori means “folding” and kami (gami) means “paper”. 

Today, Origami is a term given to all folding practices irrespective of their place of origin. Now, Origami Paper Art – 3D app will take you through the world of Origami culture. 

This is one of the best platforms which guides you and teaches you the way of mastering Origami. You can create graceful designs for your children, decoration, or for your own entertainment. This app coaches you at every step and helps you in finishing stunning designs and converts you in an Origami fan. 

This app is for those who really wish to be skilled in the art of Origami. If you are into Origami for real, then trust me Skilled Origami will be the absolute best idea for you. 

This application has a series and sets of the tutorial to actually teach and show you how you can create nice-looking animals for your own zoo! This app is for those who have searched for Origami tutorials all over but didn’t find any. The videos teach you the techniques to handle the paper precisely and create the best items every time.

For absolute pros, this is your best companion. This application teaches you advanced skills in Origami so that you can move towards creating some big and heavy objects like – Airplanes, flowers, animals, and a lot more. 

If you wish to grasp the necessary expertise in Origami then download this app right now and begin your pro training today!

This application is for you no matter on whichever level you are – beginner, intermediate or advanced. With Fun and Easy Origami, you get to learn over 50 types of figures with step-by-step lessons. 

Also, this application can run without the internet which makes it so much more useful as you can easily run it anytime anywhere. Master the techniques of easy Origami with this application today! 

Among all the people, it is the children who really enjoy doing their stuff with Origami, right? Here comes Child Origami at your service with the detailed and sorted approach with instructions to teach children the art of Origami. 

You know, teaching children is entirely different than teaching adults right, this is why this app contains many simple and easy-to-follow instructions for them to learn it and create figures like a giraffe, fox, fishes, insects, and more.  

To Fold the Ending,

That was the list guys. If you are a big fan of paper art Origami, then definitely give these Origami apps for iOS. Even if you are not, give it a try and learn something really interesting. It really helps and can make you calm, creative, and intelligent. And with systematic tutorials in these apps, you can master this art in a snap!