Regardless of whether you are first starting in business or if your business is fully established, using a bit of extra help to help you promote your business is imperative to its success. As well as using methods such as billboards and newspaper adverts to help you promote your business, there are several online websites and methods you can use that will help you promote your business (and in some instances, they’re free). 

Social Media Websites

There are a few social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, that will enable you to promote your business for free. You can do so by creating an account, either on one of these sites or all of them and starting from there. Try to follow other businesses or people with similar interests and you may find other people and businesses through them who require your services. 

Regularly posting to your account is also key to your success on these platforms and in promoting your business. You can do this yourself, or if you have the funds to, you can hire a social media manager to manage all your social media accounts. They are more likely to know what they’re doing and will know the times of day that are best to post and can come up with a social media strategy to increase the likelihood of your business getting noticed. 

Even though social media is free, you can pay for some of your posts to be pushed and these should appear in other users’ social media feeds, even if they don’t already follow you. This can be a risk as not everyone will pay attention to these ads. However, there will be some who will, which will inevitably drive your business to get more customers. This is something you need to figure out – whether the cost of paying for these adverts is worth it. 

Websites That Customize Clothing

Even though these types of websites won’t directly promote your business, you can use them to promote it by getting them to create customized clothing that promotes your brand. Sites, such as, give you the option to choose what type of clothing you want to be customized, as well as letting you choose the design. All you must do is submit your design, and the item of clothing you want it on, and let them know what the quantity is. They will then do all the printing and send the items over to you. Customers can then purchase these items from you, which helps you make a bit of extra money for your business and helps you promote your business. This is because if people buy these items from you and wear them whilst they’re out and about, others will see the clothing and your logo on them and may become intrigued by your business and want to find out more. They may then go home and search for your business on the internet, come across your website, and if they see you are offering a product they are interested in, they’ll buy it. Even though this comes with an upfront cost, the business you’ll get back in the long-term should make it worth it. 

Blog Websites

There are two ways for you to utilize blog websites for your business. One is to create a blog website for your business. The other is to use already established blog websites to promote your business.

If you create a blog website for your business, this enables you to create articles on your business, such as the latest news, any offers you’ve got coming up, a behind-the-scenes look at your business, or even using it to introduce your customers to members of your team. This makes your business a bit more personalized, may cause intrigue amongst your customers, and may also make them want to return if they can see any special sales or offers you’ve got coming up. 

The other method is to use an already established blog website to promote your business. You can do this by contacting the blogger directly and asking them if they would write a blog post containing information about your company and the products you sell. In some cases, you may have to pay the blogger, so this may depend on if you can afford to do so. If you decide to go down this route, ask them what their rate is. If they have social media, you can also ask them to promote your business there, which may also require further payment. 

Whichever of these methods you decide on, all are effective in gaining more new customers for your business. 

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