Advancement in technology is changing how the world functions and operates. The internet has changed a lot of industries and sectors, and online sports betting is one of them. It has made sports betting easier and more fun. However, some trends have brought all these changes, and these include:


The advantage that cryptocurrency has over other forms of payment is anonymity. Transactions are untraceable, or you could say they are hard to trace. The anonymity feature makes it easier for players who want to remain unknown in the gambling/ betting world. 

As time progresses, cryptocurrency might replace other modes of payment. However, it will be hard since online casinos should collect certain information about their clients as part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process to protect them from fraud. It can be hard to prevent fraud with cryptocurrency’s confidentiality and privacy.

Big Data Analysis

Big data analysis is where online sports betting data is collected, analysed, and used in making major betting decisions. The decisions play a crucial role in the online sports betting industry. As a result, big data analytics adds value to online sports betting and growth. 

With data from online betting sites like Thai Betting News, players and betting platforms can make better betting decisions through the help of big data analysis. However, the online sports betting market is increasing daily, so the big data analytics process should be more aligned and precise. 

Mobile Betting

Online sports betting has also skyrocketed since mobile betting was introduced. With mobile sports betting, you can access all your favourite sports betting platforms in the comfort of your home or while on the go. 

Mobile phones have become cheap to attain, and they offer convenience. As a gambler, you do not have to sit around your computer all day long as you check on bets and get updates. With your phone, you can bet anywhere and anytime. With mobile betting available, online sports betting grows even more.


When betting began, all that mattered was the outcome of the game. For instance, which team will emerge at the top, the number of goals a team will score, and your favourite team’s winning odds. However, these betting trends were rendered useless with time, paving the way for micro-betting. 

Micro-betting involves betting on events like who is likely to score the next goal player to receive a red/yellow card. Micro-betting makes it easier to bet with little stakes and receive outcomes quickly.

High micro-bets occur in a game, making it hard to reveal all outcomes. The large volume of micro-bets has led to betting companies integrating AI to help release results. This has made micro-betting expensive because determining which event to offer betting on and which to exclude is an important part of a betting site’s success.


For the last five years, the online sports betting industry has grown tremendously and will continue to grow. Some trends have been implemented, and the rest we can speculate on and await implementation. So, if you enjoy sports betting, find yourself the most suitable betting site and be part of the growth.

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