We have already witnessed the company growing at a quite good pace on social media and creating the bond of oneness among its particular users across the nation. From Instagram to Facebook every small to big panel. The company is marking its footprints.

Lately, the leading platform has initiated growing its bond through in-person meetups. Talking about the Jaipur chapter. On 6th of April, they’ve thrown an amazing community meet where one plus users enjoyed crazily.

Oneplus MeetUp Insights!

oneplus community meetup
one plus 3
From booze to food everything was as prestigious as the OnePlus device. Followed up DJ sounds, every second user in the meetup bounced on the dance floor.

This is something really big which OnePlus has initiated as no other smartphone company has done yet.

The event’s aim was to put all the tech and OnePlus lover together to discuss enormous new mindful conversations, which was clearly sighted. This has literally shown the belongingness and affinity in users.

Thus, surely it will strengthen the bond of the OnePlus community. Not just this they have even planned out goodies to keep up the enthusiasm and excitement of meet up and promote one plus and one plus users among the whole community.

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